SLA - First Medium Business Client

By mollis ·
I have been in business for 5 years now working for myself, Mostly working with home users and small businesses.

I have presently had a Medium Sized Business approach me about maintaining there network amongst other things, and they asked for both a proposal to add three systems to the network, a network printer, and extend wireless range to whole warehouse, they also asked for a SLA and Maintenance Schedule and with that they might consider a 12 month contract.

Issue for me is I have never dealt with a client of this size, and I have no idea how I go about writing and presenting both the proposal and the SLA, not to mention a contract.

I would really appreciate some advise and help in this regard, I would really like to make a good impression on this client and have the knowledge to be more professional and gain higher level client in the future.

Thanks for anything

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Be honest in your approach

by sfessey In reply to SLA - First Medium Busine ...

I moved from the UK to WA some 2 years ago to run a small IT company with a portfolio of SMB clients and when I got here I found a mess of overpromised and underdelivered trash contracts that were killing the company.

Basically the owner had hyped up the ability to provide support and when the service did not match up the client was of course unhappy and went to look elsewhere. It has taken me 2 years to turn that bad reputation around.

Sounds like your prospective client has maybe heard good things about you and that is why they have made the approach. Here is what I would do.

- Get a detailed scope of what the client is looking for.

- Decide if you can meet / exceed those requirements (consider how you will meet them and how hard it will be to do so.

- Complete a maintenance schedule for them (this does not have to be highly complex, the client is looking to see that you have some idea about how to schedule routine tasks)

- Draw up a basic 'contract' (again does not have to be difficult but get legal advice if you feel the need)

- The SLA - ask yourself what you can HONESTLY offer in terms of an SLA. If you cannot respond to an incident within 30 minutes then don't promise it. Keep your SLA simple at this stage and build as you get more experience.

I have some templates / examples that i will dig out for you that should help you at least get your proposal completed.

To me the most important thing you need to do at this stage is maintain good client service which in turn will develop more business for you and help you grow. If you go all out for this contract when you know in your heart you will struggle to honour it you could do more harm than good as your professional reputation could be on the line.

Having said that, sounds like you have some exciting times ahead and I wish you the best of luck. I will hunt out those documents and get them to you.

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