SLA Proposal

By IntelliTechs ·
Hi Guys

I have recently decided to start working for myself (budding entrepeneur).I have been approached by a local school to put together a proposal to service their computers.

I have never done this before...Is there anybody that could assist me?

Thanks Guys

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by oldbaritone In reply to SLA Proposal

you should be able to find some old service agreements on the internet or in the library. Read through them and see what they contain. Also find out about pricing in your area. When you are inexperienced as a business person, you're likely to overlook important things in the contract, and also likely to under-price your work. You might not have as much overhead as a larger company, but you will be required to pay for many things like permits or licenses, tools, and other things. Underpricing is a common mistake.

Seek help from a competent friend or associate in a different line of work who is also self-employed. A friend will often help you avoid common pitfalls.

Create a business plan for what you want to do. Set your expectations, and then figure out how to achieve them and what you'll need to do it.

And it's always a good idea to get professional help when starting a business. You should have your plans reviewed by an attorney, an accountant, and a financial advisor or banker. They will help you improve your business plan to create a viable and ongoing business.

Then "just do it." (That's the hard part!)

Good Luck.

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SLA preparation

by Ahmed El-Deeb In reply to SLA Proposal

Since you already have been approached by a client, I believe the best start to find out a suitable SLA template that is relevant to your expected work, customize/edit it to information you need to communicate, and flesh it out by thinking and researching a bit about the information needed to fill each part (e.g. pricing and such). And pay attention to conditions and services you are going to offer since you will have to satisfy them if you want to keep your reputation. An SLA is basically a way of setting an agreement between you and your client; less formal than a contract.

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by IntelliTechs In reply to SLA preparation

Thanks for the feedback guys.Really do appreciate it.

Im already putting something together and I must say that it doesn't look to bad for my first effort.

Once again...thank you

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Good luck

by santeewelding In reply to Feedback

Even if you screw it up, you will have self-taught yourself, and become initial master of, important error. Then you are in a position to instruct the next budding entrepreneur you encounter.

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