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Slave Drive Causes Boot Loop

By xdrylandx ·
My Original HD wouldn't boot into windows or the windows xp cd. It would give me an stop message of 0x00000024. Using KNOPPIX, I can see all the files are still on the corrupt disk. I've installed a new hard drive, installed windows, and set the corrupt hard drive as a slave attempting to move the files from the old hard drive to the new.

The problem is, if the old, corrupt hard drive is hooked up at all, no matter if it is a slave, I cannot boot into Windows and causes the boot loop. I've tried the recovery console on the cd but it will not let me get far before the stop error message is displayed.

Without the old disk connected the new hard drive works fine. I'm on it now. I've tried to hook the old hard drive up on the IDE by itself, and slaving it from my CDRW drive. Nothing works. Seems like the computer is going to read whatever is causing the problem when it scans the disk at startup.

I've searched and searched but couldn't find this exact problem or a close solution. Most people are able to boot into safe mode, last good config, or something. All of these cause the PC to reboot.

Has any experienced this issue? Or is there something I have not done correctly?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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USB Drive

by dawgit In reply to Slave Drive Causes Boot L ...

That will happen if you try to use an internal IDE (I'm guessing here) but if you remove the corupted drive and put into an external USB or Fire Wire Hard Drive enclosure you can probably do what it is you want with it. (and more) Tip: make sure that in your BIOS settings you first disable the boot on USB if it is available.
(edited to add:)
after you make the USB conection with the ext. HD, but before you move anything, first do a Virus Scan on that drive.

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Second drive

by mjd420nova In reply to Slave Drive Causes Boot L ...

I've seen this before, installed the OS on the
drive when it was a slave, but wouldn't boot
when set as master. Install the new drive as
master, alone, no second drive, then reinstall
the OS. Then place the original drive, set
as slave, and try booting. If that doesn't work,
then the control card on the original drive has
failed and is interfering with the new one.

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Ok with the first

by zlitocook In reply to Slave Drive Causes Boot L ...

Or corrupt drive as master and ether a second drive as just storage or USB if your BIOS will see it. Boot to KNOPPIX, BartPe,or another live CD and move the files to the other drive.
Use the live CD's to scan the bad drive for virus, malware and what ever.
Have you tried to down load the repair and or the drive utilities from the drive maker?
Look up Fred Langa, there are alot of ways to fix boot up problems. Your drive may be ok it may just need a new boot id.

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Same problem- WinXP HDD causes stop 24 error

by p.priest In reply to Slave Drive Causes Boot L ...

At last I find someone else has what appears to be the same problem I have been experiencing.

I have a Toshiba laptop with XP Pro, and it's been reliable since new, about two years. A couple of weeks ago I awoke and saw the machine stuck in a boot loop- it had been working fine the night before.

So I try everything to get it to boot; I tried safe mode (no joy,) a Windows XP CD, reinstalling windows, etc. Always, the machine gets to some point and then shows the blue screen with a STOP error 00000024.

I booted a Spinrite CD and it checked the HDD- no problems. I can boot Knoppix and see all of my files.

I removed the HDD and put it in a 2.5" enclosure, and thought maybe I could read it from another PC. No way. Even though the other PC is already up and running, when I plug in the USB cable, immediately aftter the drive is recognized, the good PC crashes with the same Stop error (blue screen.)

Any clues on how to fix?



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