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Slave drive not showing in W.E.

By D.H. Cesare ·
I just installed an 80G WD slave drive in my WinXP Pro machine. The drive shows up in the SETUP screen, it shows up in Device Manager and it shows that it is working properly, but it does not show in Windows Explorer. I uninstalled & reinstalled the drivers but that didn't fix the problem. The drive still shows to be working properly.
How can I get the drive to show in WE?

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I've often seen this problem, it usually goes away

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Slave drive not showing i ...

once the drive is formatted in a format recognised by that version of WE.

Sometimes, putting it in as the secondary master will also fix the problem.

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How to format.....

by D.H. Cesare In reply to I've often seen this prob ...

How can I format it if I don't know the drive letter designation? "C" is primary, "D" is
CD-ROM, "E" is CD/DVD-RW. I would format it if I knew how to get at it.

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Ever heard of Disk Manager?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to How to format.....

this isn't Windows 95 or DOS

you need to partition the drive first and then format it

right click on My Computer and select "manage" from the menu

go to the disk management and you will see the new drive there

partition the new drive as primary and format it using NTFS with default cluster size

you can then change the drive letter if you wish after the format

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Did you format the new drive?

by TechExec2 In reply to Slave drive not showing i ...

Did you format the new drive? After physically installing a new drive, you must format it (put a file system on it like NTFS or FAT).


1. Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management

2. Computer Management->Storage->Disk Management

3. Locate your new 80 GB drive. WARNING: Be sure not to format your existing C: drive.

4. Select the new unformatted drive (click on it). Choose Action->All Tasks->Format.

5. I recommend you format your new drive with the NTFS file system.

Post back and let me know how it went.

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Agree - Even if the drive states

by Lodai In reply to Did you format the new dr ...

that it has been formatted. Most new drives require to be re-initialized (formatted) in order for them to be "seen" in WE.

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by D.H. Cesare In reply to Agree - Even if the drive ...

I was able to "Initialize" the drive, but can not find a way to format it because it is unallocated. I do have a screen that wants to create a "simple" volume on that drive, but I am not sure exactly what that means. It's in the same place in the Disk Management screen that FORMAT should be.

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by D.H. Cesare In reply to Agree - Even if the drive ...

Finally found the format command in the "New Volume" Wizard. I want to thank everyone for their help.
Have a good one.

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no format available

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Did you format the new dr ...

After I've gotten to "All Tasks", format is not an option. "New Volume" is one option and Properties is the other. When I click on
New Volume, I get one option ->Simple. There are 5 types of volumes: simple, spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID-5. My only option is SIMPLE. I'm reluctant to go any further as I do not know exactly what's going to happen, so the machine is setting here with the New Volume Wizard staring at me.

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Re: No Format Available

by The Ice Man In reply to no format available

Since you do not have format as an option the drive is telling you it's ready for a "volume" to be placed on the disk. Just create a volume it will then ask what type of volume it will be; simple - ie on a single disk, spanned on 2 or more disks for redundancy, striped similar to spanned but permits slight faster access of the data on the disk. Next will be which disk you want it on and how large of a volume to create (think of this as partions on the drive). Next will be asked for the drive letter to assign if any and the format of the drive/volume, ie fat, fat32, ntfs. Once the volume is created it will then begin formatting it, when done formatting it will show up in WE.

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Got it

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Re: No Format Available

Thank all of you for your guidance, especially TechExec2 for getting me started in the right direction. Everyone was very helpful.

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