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    Slave Drive


    by wrex1 ·

    Windows XP Pro has been running fine for me for the last 8 months. Suddenly, when I power up the computer, I get some beeps and then this message. . “SEC Slave Drive – ATAPI incompatible Press F1 to resume”. After I press F1, everything runs normally. Drives are 40 mb, IDE. Can anybody Help?
    Thanks, BIll

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      by oz_media ·

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      Sounds like a BIOS issue but before updating try this;
      Advanced Settings has changed Secondary Slave to CDROM not Auto (usually from virus).
      Reboot and press DEL or F1 to enter Setup (usually noted on the POST screen how to enter setup). Go to Advanced Setup and check that the Secondary Slave is not is listed as CDROM but AUTO.

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      by javier ·

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      I bet your CD ROM has a failure, try removing it from the system, then try to connect it to the secondary IDE controller as master drive, look for a jumper on the back of the cd rom and set it to master.

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