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    slave Hard disk repeats reboots in normal and safe mode…


    by agis68 ·

    I have a PC system i builded mainly 4 years ago and every year i upgrade it, with an Elite motherboard and a processor 1.3GHz celeron by intel, uisng 1G Ram and one Nvidia 7600GS AGPx8 vga with 3 Hard disks 1 floppy and 1 combo DVDRW scrabe light by LG

    Till yesterday the system worked all these years perfectl. So yesterday i shuted down normaly and the coming next morning i turn it on…..well then started the problem…..Initiated the booting and after the some steps with the wavy flag (windows XP) screen…..the power fails and reboots again and again….
    I tryed the safe mode but i had the same result
    So i start to isolate disks to find wich one had the problem (note : all disks are well recognizrd by bios)
    So…i found that one slave disk in the second IDE it sounds working perfect but when i disconnected it the rest system worked perfect..
    Ok now i work with 2 disks but the other one is full of work without having a backup of it?

    what created this problem?
    my data are safe and maby the mbr of disk is damaged?
    how can i get back my data? since when i connect it in a slave mode i have the same problem….

    please contact and reply…..i need desparatly some advices

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      by agis68 ·

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      First thing is to get a USB Caddy to connect to the computer

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to slave Hard disk repeats reboots in normal and safe mode…

      That way you’ll be able to do some diagnostic work and be sure that you can boot the computer.

      After you set the Drive to Master and fit to the USB Caddy you can then plug it in and work from there.

      The first thing to do is run the FDISK Repair option from the command line for that drive if it is visible in Drive Management. If it isn’t the drive is most likely dead and you will need to take it to a Data Recovery House if you think that your data is worth the cost of recovery.

      Post back with the results of what happens and I’ll see what else I can do to help.


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