Sleeepy monitor

By Jr. tech78692 ·
Windows XP run HP. Monitor continually goes to sleep at different intervals. Tower is left on . Please help?

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A component inside the monitor is failing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sleeepy monitor

I've seen this happen with a heat Sensitive Failure where a system was brought in for loosing Video Indeterminately. What happens is a component has been degraded and when it reaches a certain temperature it stops working causing the Monitor to stop. Most time this looks like the Monitor has gone to Sleep but sometime it can look as if the picture has just been turned off.

Naturally it was one of my Monitors which exhibited this issue and looked exactly the same as the Stated Problem. I wasted hours chasing the problem after changing the Video Card only to eventually realize that My Test Monitor had given up the ghost and needed replacing.

From past experience when Monitors start to give problems it's better to replace them not repair them. You need a specialist to repair monitors and when they fix one thing most times something else will fail very quickly. I remember one monitor which I had repaired 5 times in 3 months. Those repairs cost far more than a new monitor, not one of those repairs was a Major Repair most of the costs where in Labor not parts and it worked when they tested. Naturally after several hours/weeks of work for me it would again fall over and be sent back. I could have lived with the unreliability if it was just the monitor but most time I went looking for possible problems in the computer that it was connected to which didn't exist.

Talk about wasting bulk amounts of time when I didn't have any to spare.


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