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Slick notebooks from HP

By Oz_Media ·
Just saw some nice notebooks on the weekend, thought I'd pass on the info. They are damn expensive $2000.00+ in Canada (though I paid more for my IBM many moons ago)but they seem pretty well built.

The HP Envy series is sleek and sexy, comes chocked full of ram, 64Bit Win7, average but not huge 7200 RPM HD's but they are also pretty slender. I was playing with one at Future Shop the other day and it was a pretty comfortable and cool looking unit indeed. And the audio features got me going pretty good too, nice and fast for working with midi and synth mixing. Haven't looked into video rendering but it seems that it would have little issues there either.

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I love the name...

by jck In reply to Slick notebooks from HP

too bad I can't see the video. Been waiting 5 minutes for it to load.

Guess our admin has that file type blocked or something. Oh well.

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Sorry, but I'm bypassing HP products for personal reasons...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Slick notebooks from HP

See post:;leftCol

I'll buy HP products again one day when they boot Mark Hurd on his rear.

It is a slick notebook, though! In that price range, I prefer Alienware. They have notebooks now that look less "geekish" or you can go all out red with red LED's...

Either that or I'd get a macbook pro and throw windows at it.


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That's business development

by Oz_Media In reply to Sorry, but I'm bypassing ...

I'd do it too, as would most other BDM's, that's what we do. There's no long haul, there's just quick show of positive figures (all you are there for anyway) then off to the next to do the same. Otherwise you end up in a jo that only goes so far and only pays so much, the only way to get ahead and make money in his game is to flash and move on.

Not the warm and fuzzy feeling many look for these days but that's business, it's not supposed to be warm and fuzzy if it's going to work.

ON another note: I've alsways liked Alienware too, the specs are almost identical to the HP though and the HP is much sleeker and doesn't look like a Playstation on acid.

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I see nothing about video performance...

by Slayer_ In reply to Slick notebooks from HP

You sure its not running a crippling Intel chipset for graphics?

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Which crippling chipset are you referring to?

by Oz_Media In reply to I see nothing about video ...

Or are ALL INtel chipsets crippling in yoru mind?

I've used NVidea, Intel and ATI (which is the most popular for these particular notebooks) and have had issues with all three depending on the build of the notebook. I remember playing games with an old 830M 32M mobile chipset that wouldn't work at all on ATI cards. I've played with NVidea cards that beat out ATI cards double their speed but only JUST match Intel integrated chipsets with equal memory. Every build is unique to me, I don't consider one Intel chipset in one build equates to all Intel chipsets. One buggy Vista OS means all Vista OS's are garbage etc.
I do a LOT of video rendering which an take hours, a few days or even a few eeeks for heavier jobs. In most cases the chipset makes little difference, as long as the FSB is there it is usually fine whether on a dedicated desktop or a notebook.

For exact models specs, as they HP site will offer a range of options: Future Shop has one that shows ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4830 M97 Video Memory Up To 3835MB .

Another lists ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 M92LP Video Memory 1757 MB

Yet others list optional Intel chpsets.
Driver and compatibility to the rest of the build is more important to me than whicch chpset or card it uses.
So such a blanket dimsissal of an entire build due to a chipset is just biting off your nose to spite your face.

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Ok I'll explain from my own experience

by Slayer_ In reply to Which crippling chipset a ...

Based on my experience

Chipsets Pros:

Chipsets Cons:
Laptop in general runs hotter while idling (oddly enough)
Uses more power under load (seriously)
Dies faster
Often stuck to one OS and minimal, if any, driver updates.
Low to no support for graphics structures like Open GL. Absolutely nothing like PhysX.

Mobile Video card pros:
Generally far more powerful
Generally better compatibility (I find nVidia compatibility better these days, as opposed to 5 years ago where ATI was the king of compatibility, but everyones experiences will vary)
Support for Open GL and other modern uses.
Often use less power when not under load. (However they often use far more power when under load.)
Many of those mobile video cards have some special controls, that effectively limit framerate to conserve power.
Though they can run hot (see Cons) almost all have an automatic shutdown temperature.

Usually costs way more, and not advantageous unless you intend to be watching HD movies on multiple monitors, TV projection. Or gaming.
Often get extremely hot when under load for a long time in laptops that do not have the cooling to cope.
You can get driver updates, but they are often labeled as unsupported by the original vender (Hp, Acer, etc.).

There, a fairly simple breakdown as to why I think any performance laptop, should have a proper video system, and not an intel integrated chip. You are better off with an ATI or nVidia integrated chip, because you will still get the added drivers and compatibility, which is something you say is very important to you.

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Thats a completely different comment

by Oz_Media In reply to Ok I'll explain from my o ...

You pointed directly at Intel chipsets at first. Whereas such shared video memory can e with anyone's chipset.

I too prefer a card instead of Chipset but I have never had issues with chipsets that everyone says I will, whether ATI or Intel.

Maybe I pick builds carefully, I think probaly moreseo than the average consumer but put less importance on it than most techs.

Actually I find may techs these days don't make QUALIFIED decisions as much as emotional decisions; which can be a bad thing.

It seems techs spend so much time arguing aout Mac vs Windows, ATI vs NVidea, HP vs Toshiba, Sony PLaystation vs XBox 360 etc. that it often results is rash and biased opinions that MAY be supported but just as easily diminished.

As a sales rep, I have always learned to spend more time establishing the needs of the consumer. That way, selling the features, functions and benefits that address their needs are more effective.

I'm not suggesting you are biased, ut your openign comment was preety condemning to Intel as if THEY made poor chipsets. Your latter description illustrated common issues, some people may find with all chipsets. BIG difference in the emotion offered up.

Do I do it too? Bloody right I do, but I try to consider needs and then offer a more passionate pitch to meet those needs, no matter what the solution.

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HP notebooks

by jackbones In reply to Slick notebooks from HP

yea, they're nice, but the price makes me want to die. i mean really, what do they think they've created here?

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