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Slightly OT - the CEO's secretary

By angry_white_male ·
How do you handle the difficult CEO's secretary who often results to bully tactics and name dropping in order to get what she wants, when she wants? Often she uses this tactic with the guise that she works for the CEO so if she's asking for something, it's really for him. It's gotta be now or else. Basically she creates a hostile work environment for all of us.

Basically she's nothing but a b!tch... few people in the company like her - everyone else goes out of their way to avoid her. But being in IT - you have to deal with everyone.

This creates a lot of strain on the IT department in that we have to drop everything for her (um... I mean him). My boss feels that she has immunity and won't do anything about it. I've spoken with the CEO personally about and he said he'll take care of it. Of course it doesn't help that the CEO (who's married) is banging her best friend on the side either.

I guess I have no choice but to deal with it until either the CEO leaves for another job or find's a new piece of ***.

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Wife's ....

by Black Panther In reply to Slightly OT - the CEO's s ...

Anonymous letter/email to the CEO's wife may help? :)

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Easy Fix

by FrankTech In reply to Slightly OT - the CEO's s ...

1.Break into her account some porn sites it to CEO (or Higher)
4.use as leverage.

Problem solved.

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Hire a P.I. to get photos of CEO in compromising positions

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Easy Fix

or you can secretly do it yourself and then mail the photos "anonymously" to the CEOs' wife

Believe me, he will be crapping all over himself and his little **** of a secretary will be history if the wife has anything to say about it after seeing photos of her husband porking another woman

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by Black Panther In reply to Hire a P.I. to get photos ...

Beware of the "wrath" of an angry wife......

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If you want a professional way to address this

by j.lupo In reply to Slightly OT - the CEO's s ...

you can produce statistics on her requests and the impact it is having on IT. That is, keep track of how much time (and money) IT is spending on her requests versus the rest of the company.

Any CEO is going to be concerned with the bottom line, regardless of anything else. Give your manager fire power in the way of numbers. The CEO still has to answer to the board of directors with regards to spending, budgets, and wasted funds.

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Use a helpdesk?

by Skidoggeruk In reply to If you want a professiona ...

I was thinking along these lines as well. Use a helpdesk, explain that they will need to wait their turn within reason, and let the helpdesk collate the figures for you.IE EVERY call is an EMERGENCY

Good Luck

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Just kiss her..........

by Roger99a In reply to Slightly OT - the CEO's s ...

It's getting rediculous with all these posts about bosses not acting like IT wants them too, and then all the byzantine plots to make them act properly or get them eliminated. Attacking powerful people is dangerous, and if she really has the CEO's ear then one word from her can undo all your work. Just cover yourself. Track the time you have to devote to her alone, then when your boss wants to know why you failed to meet some timetable you present your evidence. You need to track all the other time, too, or you'll be spotted as targeting her. Send the problem back up the chain of command just like you should.

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by angry_white_male In reply to Just kiss her..........

Problem is the chain of command here is basically ineffective.

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Don't push the river

by knudsenmj In reply to Just kiss her..........

I agree that it's a good idea to track the time devoted to her. You can veil the fact that you are targetting her by providing a report on what ever types of requests she makes. The requests for services above your SLA's would be a good one.

Aside from that, it might be a good idea to try and build political capitol with her. Plan on devoting your best people to her and accompany them to ensure she relates your face to excellent service. If you provide her info on an awsome system to request (secretaries love dual flatscreens) she could become a connection to the CEO you don't currently have.

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by angry_white_male In reply to Don't push the river

It's not a matter of how much time we spend (it's minimal). But what time we do spend dealing with her is often extremely unpleasant. Very demanding, always threatening to go to her boss (the CEO) if we don't do something for her (um... for him), etc. She creates a hostile work environment.

I've finally stood up to her and told her (in earshot of anyone around) that I didn't answer to her. She didn't like it - but hey that's too bad. What she gonna do, go tell her boss that someone finally got tired of her crap?

In any event, I've talked with people about her - her friend also works for us in another office and she couldn't believe what this person does and how she treats people (along with making her look bad for referring her to the job int he first place).

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