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Slooooowww Browsing

By lickity40 ·

I know I've seen this problem mentioned before around the net, and I've even gone as far as taking a couple of the suggestions but have not been successful.

I have a handful of workstaions, some XP Prof and W2K that have a browsing problem. It doesn't matter if the drive is a network drive or local. For example, the user can be in MS-Word and browse to open an existing file. If they have to browse to a different file folder or drive, it seems to stall for up to a minute before the pulldown appears. Clicking it again during the wait time causes a Not Responding response.

Anyone have an idea about this?

Thanks in advance!

Rick Forsythe

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Mapped Drives

by ZENYO In reply to Slooooowww Browsing

I've had this probelm before. It is probably an inactive drive mapping. Check for a mapped drive to a resource that no longer exists.

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Also check the client.

by Synthetic In reply to Mapped Drives

I have seen this issue a great deal with the Novell client, if your connecting to a Netware server. An upgrade to the latest (I think it is 4.9.1) client, free from Novell will fix it. What piperni stated regrading unreachable mapped drives can also be at issue. Also, make sure your printers are not at issue. Again I have seen printer mapped to print servers, as well as static IP printers that have changed addresses that will cause this problem. Look to see if any printers are in a state of OPENING, then delete and remap the offending printer. Good Luck!

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by Nyxbox In reply to Slooooowww Browsing

when in doubt check DNS. But anyway assumig that your network is 10/100 at least the link from the workstations to the server where the files reside i am interested to see if the NIC's on the desktop machines and maybe even the server are configured right, by that i mean check the link detection value, is it set to auto-negotiate or 10Mbit, 100Mbit? full or half duplex? ive seen many situations where network performance is effected by these very factors. Hopefully i understand your situation but i may need more information to give a more accurate answer, but i think this may help ifim understanding the problem.

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I have similiar problem and solved it :)

by kawarimi In reply to Hmm..

I have similiar problem in my network, and I have solve it now :), I got a Win98 that work as a print server is having the same IP with another client Windows XP Pro in a domain, surprisingly these 2 O.S. didn't pop out a notice telling me there is a IP conflict. The Windows 98's IP was a fixed IP, while Windows XP is getting its IP from DHCP server.
After doing some adjustment to DHCP server and XP everything is up and running :)

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by lickity40 In reply to Slooooowww Browsing

All of the responses I've received on this issue make sense! I'm getting ready to go in and look at all of these -- IP conflict, Link Speed, Netware Client and Drive Mappings. They ALL make sense!

I'll let you know how I make out...


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I've Seen Spyware Do This

by DMambo In reply to Slooooowww Browsing

When it was spyware, the machine was INFESTED. Try Ad-aware and Spybot S&amp

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by lickity40 In reply to Slooooowww Browsing

Thanks to all who responded. In this case, it was the incorrect drive mapping that was the culprit so Zenyo wins the keychain :)

The other responses are good enough to keep in my fast-answers book!



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Cool... What kind of Keychain??!!

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