Sloooow hard wired internet connection

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For my first post I have a doozie. Within the past few weeks my internet connection has basically disappeared. My connections is DSL, main computer is a Macbook, with an iPhone and iPad running wireless. Wired directly into the Vzn Actiontec modem router combo and running my results are below, but same issue has presented on Win7 machine i tested wired right into the router. I have been told that the upload should never be above the download and frequently is on the tests. Wireless is considerably less.
Ping is anywhere btw 36 and 75ms
Download is anywhere between .08 and .1.2 Mb/s averaging in the mid .5's
Upload is generally around .6 but has been as low as .21 when the download is really low

I'm paying for 3MB/s which yes is low but has been sufficient until now and I have not knowingly made any changes. What is coming into the router is 3360Kbps but that is definitely not coming out of the router.

I have checked all of the connections and replaced wires. I have moved the location of the router/modem unit. I have plugged it into a different outlet. I have had Vzn send me a new router (no love). I am not aware of any power surges recently that are impacting anything else. I have run an antiviral on the Mac as well with no offenses identified. All devices are experiencing the same pain, wireless or wired.

Any suggestions at this point are welcome.

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Has your DSL provider done a circuit test?

by robo_dev In reply to Sloooow hard wired intern ...

The DSL provider can do this with a circuit tester, and you can do the same thing by getting into the diags menus of your DSL modem and see things like near-end CRC errors, negotiated connection speed, signal-to-noise ratio, etc.

If your connection gets worse when it rains, that's a clue that there is an underground wiring problem. If you live in an old apt building, then switching to cable modem may work better.

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Degradation of DSL

by mjd420nova In reply to Sloooow hard wired intern ...

Lately there's been a rash of DSL lines going S L O W . A reset of the modem corrected that. there may be a line problem, a connection problem, even a splitter failure and a phone malfunction could all affect line quality. The router may have another problem. Try cloning the MAC address of the PC to the router.

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