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Slow access to attach files in Outlook

By jbridges ·
i've recently removed a Buffalo LinkStation Network Harddisk in exchange of a W2K Server to support backup operations and datasharing. When accessing the data indendently the response time is fast - 1GB. However, when accessing the data through outlook it takes time to attach the file. Before the replacement of HD and Server this problem didnot exist. I found if I put the Linkstation HD back on the Network the speed is very quick to attached the files. There are 4 WXP Clients on the Network and 1 W2K Member Server. A Linksys router supplying DHCP. All clients are DHCP. Internet and other operations are working fine. Its only when I try to attached the file through outlook. Thanks for all replies.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Slow access to attach fil ...

well, how fast is the nic in the server? it might be locked down to slow speed?
well, it is not something like it is being virus-scanned, is it? no...
and firewalling isn't in play, yes?...
if all of those are way off then,
to me, this sounds like something that if i found it in the mskb at it would say that it is a bug that has been fixed with the latest sp. so wondering what sp on svr, and all wkstn os's? meanwhile, anything in the event log on wkst or svr. does this happen on every wkstn os or just maybe xp and have your tried another outlook profile? can you reproduce slowness in programs otherwise than outlook? inserting file into word doc or attaching to oe? you can reproduce this problem at will with any file in outlook, yes?...not just spreadsheet or word doc or -?
what i think might be happening is something like you have created new share maybe to put this data on. something about the wkstns authenticating into share...if it were me i would get a reproducable problem. i would look up my symptoms at i would get wkstns, esp. xp's and svr up to latest sp. and (critical updates). i would comb event logs. i would try to see if other ways besides replacing network hd work fast like accessing from command prompt with url, ip address. making new share with wide open access for test or using share already working on server for test...
thanks for a nice post and good luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to
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by jbridges In reply to

Well you brought up some good points I should of been more specific.
The Server Nic is 1gb prior was 100mb. The nic setting is on full duplex 1gb prior 100mb with new cat5e cables. virus scanning and firewalling are not the issues. Im able to reproduce the the problem on every WStation at will with all file types. Event logs are clear of error. Net Statistics are clear. What throws me off is when I add the Linkstation to the network the Client / Server connection speed performs as expected. If I remove the Linkstation the speed slows down when trying to attach files to outlook. This was not a problem just running Linkstation Harddisk alone. At present, I have the linkstation running so users are more comfortable working with the faster speed connecting to the server. I would like to consider this a routing problem or as you uttered DNS. Could you be more specific in your suspecion regarding DNS and what would be the best setup. The Gateway points to the Linksys internal Lan IP. I removed the static IP from the server to dynamic from the linksys but no change. If I try to access internet from the server, it does not immedately go too www. unless i've inserted a public dns IP Its not important the server goes to internet.

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