Slow Access to Outlook Web Access

By edmund7s ·
I'm having problem with outlook web access. To open the initial page of our OWA site takes a while and if I use dial up it is nearly impossible to get on to the site. What could be the problem. We have a T1 connection on the server and we are using SBS2K3 with ISA. And we are using Exchange Server 2003
Please help.

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Check the Global Catalog?

by deetee2000 In reply to Slow Access to Outlook We ...

Sounds like the DSAccess service can't talk to or find the local Global Catalog server? Have you one setup in the Sites and Services snap-in? If I remember correctly you'll have to configure ISA to allow AD queries if it is sitting in front of your Exchange server

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How to check global catalog

by edmund7s In reply to Check the Global Catalog?


Thanks for the speedy reply. But I'm not kinda new to this and I'm not really sure on how to check the DSAcess services or Global Catalog server.
Could you explain more on this?

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by Churdoo In reply to Slow Access to Outlook We ...

Well the first problem is the dialup. Yes I've experienced dialup having performance issues of OWA, to the point of near impossibility. OWA is a heavy page, at least until the browser caches all of the little graphic icon images that OWA uses, and then it's not so bad.

As for general OWA performance? SBS = AD Controller, DHCP, DNS, ISA, SQL, LMNOP (oops, got carried away), File and Print Services, Exchange, WWW including Sharepoint and OWA, etc., etc. I can't imagine why there may be performance issues.

Seriously, I've noticed that the performance of all of the WWW components on SBS is not very snappy, and no wonder considering everything that SBS does. And don't get be wrong, I like SBS, but consider checking the resources of the server itself and possibly beefing that up. Your whole network will thank you.

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black hole router

by sgt_shultz In reply to Slow Access to Outlook We ...

I suppose this is too far fetched but did you see this one:
Diagnoses (sic) and treatment of black hole routers
if this is a newer installation don't forget you might have some free MS support for it

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anything in the event logs?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Slow Access to Outlook We ...

anything in the event logs on the sbs server?

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Eventlog shows...

by edmund7s In reply to anything in the event log ...

Everytime I try to access the "" this came out on the eventlog under system: error "MrxSmb"
I don't know what that is..

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Network Card?

by deetee2000 In reply to Eventlog shows...

Hey edmund7s, you can find the global catalog in the "Sites and Services" snap-in under "Administrative Tools" (see

The MrxSMB error you mention is about a network card, this could mean the NIC is faulty? (

Post the full event log message and we'll take a look!

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MrxSMB error Event 8003

by edmund7s In reply to Network Card?

Sorry I forgot to include this.
But the error event was 8003 of the MrxSMB

Accoding to the article you've send me:
"Mrxsmb writes event ID 8003 informing you that a new guy on the block attempted to take over the role of master browser and that a browser election has occurred"

What is this and how can I fix it?

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Master Browser

by deetee2000 In reply to MrxSMB error Event 8003

That normally appears during a run of the mill network day. It's computers fighting with each other over who can publish a list of machines to the network neighbourhood and is outdated now that we have a AD/DNS infrastructure. Did you try looking at the GC?

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