Slow attachment loading in Outlook/moving Excel sheets

By neil.velie ·
I have a user who was having an issue with MS Office file attachments being extremely slow to open in Outlook 2003. I applied a fix I found that involved disabling DDE when opening Office files, and it worked great - attachments opened quickly after the fix. However, now the user is unable to move or copy sheets from one Excel 2003 workbook to another. For example, without the Outlook tweak applied, if he has two Excel spreadsheets open (Book 1 and Book 2), he can right-click on a sheet in Book 1, select "Move or Copy", and then select Book 2 from the "To Book:" dropdown. With the Outlook tweak applied, following these same steps results in the "To Book:" dropdown displaying only the currently selected workbook, in this case Book 1. Does anyone know of a way to fix the slow attachment loading in Outlook without breaking the move/copy sheet function in Excel?

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What level is...

by MAEX In reply to Slow attachment loading i ...

...the service pack of Outlook 2003 at???

The fix you applied, is it a Microsoft fix or ...???

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Outlook is at SP3

by neil.velie In reply to What level is...


Sorry for the long delay in my reply. Outlook is at build 11.8217.8221, Service Pack 3. The fix is not a Microsoft fix - it's one that popped up in several places when I Googled the problem. I just undid the fix because of the copy/move sheet issues it was causing in Excel. I ended up doing a "Detect and Repair" for Office to clean up after the fix. Excel is now fine, although Word and Excel are sometimes very slow to open files. So, no more Excel move/copy problems, but links and attachments in Outlook are very slow to open, and Word and Excel are slow to open files.

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Undo the DDE fix

by seanferd In reply to Outlook is at SP3

and have the person opening Excel attachments detach the spreadsheet first.

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Network Neighborhood

by khariskh In reply to Slow attachment loading i ...

try clearing all the connections from the network neighborhood - sometimes that helps.

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Solved (possibly)

by neil.velie In reply to Slow attachment loading i ...

I deleted and so far, attachments and word/excel documents are opening much more quickly. I will keep an eye on it and report back if this fix seems to stick.

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