Slow Backups

By mwoods269 ·
Hello all,

We are running Veritas Backup exec and I am noticing network slowness issues. When backups are running and backing up DMZ servers, the internal port on the firewall is maxed out however I can still access resources on the DMZ port. I would think if one is slow they both should be.

Our backup server sits on the trusted port of our Watchguard x1000 firewall. In the past I know that speed negotiation can be an issue and that setting ports to 100/full (or gigabit if you have it) can sometimes speed things up. What I can't understand is why the internal resources are slow during dmz backups and dmz resources are not.

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Could it be firewall processing?

by Charles Bundy In reply to Slow Backups

I'm assuming that "internal" resources are being processed by the firewall engine, whilst DMZ resources aren't. Could it be the firewall processing per packet slowing things with heavy packet load?

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Not sure

by mwoods269 In reply to Slow Backups

I really do not know at this point. Wouldn't both ports be equally utilized when backing up a dmz server from internal?

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All depends on the firewall rules.....

by robo_dev In reply to Not sure

My guess would be that your firewall rule set allows anything to goto the DMZ, and only a limited number of hosts/ports/protocols back into the private network.

Therefore it's packet inspection engine is going to have to work very hard in one direction, but not very hard in the other direction.

Port mis-negotiation is a possibility, but it's more likely the poor overworked firewall is getting hammered during backup.

Of course I bet you can tune how NetBackup uses the network:

NetBackup 6.5 Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide

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