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slow boot

By urok ·
My hp4455 pavillion with a celeron 4ooMHZ processor has just had a new HD put in (WD 20G, 7200RPM) and now when I boot it takes almost 3minutes or more. Seems to hang right before it detects the HD. I have the Bios HD setting set to Auto. I have tried setting it to user with the sectors, size... and all that crap but it still boots incredibly slow. Any ideas???? Scott

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Try the Q&A section...

by Albert Franco II In reply to slow boot

You should post this question to the Tech Q&A section.

There are literally hundreds of people who can help with questions about any aspect of information technology. You can offer some points as a reward.

But, if you do post a question pleasemake sure to go back and read the responses. And if you any that help then by all means reward the points!

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by Klingon In reply to slow boot

Ya shoulda gone with Dell. :)

Try Q&A. We should all get paid for tech support, even though these TechPoints have less value than Monopoly money.


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slow boot = windows

by gmscne In reply to welp...

I can only assume the computer in question is trying to start windows. This would account for the slowww boot process.

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