Slow bootup

By GRH2112 ·
I have a Win2K server at a customer site that after rebooting, seemed to hang on "Applying Security Policies". The numlock light would still toggle, and the HD light was flickering, so I decided to leave it alone and let it do it's thing. About 45 min later, it finally came up! It DOES have a set of mirrored drives (80 GB) and I thought maybe it might be rebuilding the mirror or something, but I never had this happen before. On the next reboot it came up normally. Anyone have an explanation for this?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Slow bootup

It could have been corrupt info in the page file, partially corrupt HDD, etc.. Mnay problems ay have caused this, but I would suspect the 2 that I mentioned first.
After fixing the problem or moving data to another part of the disk, it seems to be working again. That is why it came up faster the 2nd time. It may be an early warning sign of an impending disk failure though. I would order a replacement drive just in case. (if you dont already have one handy).

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by GRH2112 In reply to Many

not really what I wanted to hear though, both of those drives were replaced at the same time about 6 months ago! The one drive they had was going bad so when we replaced it I copied everything off the old one onto the new and installed the mirror. Maybe I got some corrupted files in the process, although everything seems to be functioning. I guess they DID get an error sometime last week about not having enough virtual memory and Windows was going to increase the page file. It gives me a place to look anyway!
Thanks again, and happy holidays.

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