Slow Browser response, no obvious explanation

By rokosz1 ·
Coming to you folks -- I can't find this bottleneck.

Symptom: Intranet child pages slow to load. More detail below.

Environment: W2003 server, Dell Powerconnect 2124 w/ Linksys router to DSL attached. ASP using VBScript serverside, Javascript client side in IE6+

More Detail: Main.asp has a button. click that and child.asp opens via"Child.asp?ID=<%=rstID%>&Last=<%=Trim(rstLast)%>","winStatus","height=605,width=750,left=50,top=100,menubar=no,resizable=yes,status=yes,toolbar=No,location=No" )

Its the open of that window that consistently takes a count of 4. You can close it, immediately click it again same thing. When it appears it pops in (ie you don't see a blank window and then watch it fill in). The window itself is framed in three parts: controls, browse/select, edit/data

The data for the window is grabbed from the W23K server via MS-SQL 2000 and vbscript. Other grabs of data from the server have essentially instant visibility/use. (eg clicking a Next button in Main.asp). Anyway I added an index to the SQL table based on the select order. no diff.

Task manager on the server and the workstation show 97-99% idle during the count of 4

Clearing cookies/temp files, enlarging cache etc. had no effect.

The one area I can't confirm is or isn't creating the bottleneck: the Dell 2124 switch. Its an unmanaged switch. Its got about 18 ports (of 25) populated and a Linksys router to the outside world via DSL in Port25. _Could_ the switch be the culprit? At first I thought the router (being a new addition)could be, but other users confirmed the slowness has been there since long before attaching the router -- and offered that the slowness can come and go. If the switch is suspected how can one check it? Is there something else workstation/IE options related I'm missing?

Another piece (though its new) I re-IP'd the server so it would be part of the same family as the router ( (svr) and (router)). It occurred to me any request for a new page could be leaving the building _first_ then coming back to the server. Possibility? Although that is still something new, and apparently the slowness has been there. -- But, since the users are complaining now -- perhaps the router has made it worse.

thanks for the help,

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