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By mh_jogur ·
I am using IE6 and having an a win xp pro OS And Cat 6 LAN cable( D-Link) ussing D-link switches But our sify people sayes Virus Problem, Then formated my systems wiht fdisk command And reinstald with fresh CD's All applications

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by Roseon In reply to Slow Browssing

i dont think this would be it but it could be that you need to defrag your computer or something is running using your internet speed causing it to be slow. I also think firewall but probly not. =P
sorry if this doesnt help.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Slow Browssing

Quite often power surges can create havoc with Switches & modems. Whenever I get a slow response time from a Switch or Modem I just unplug them for about 30 seconds or so and then plug them back in and allow them to start up normally. This will generally clear any problems that the switch is having and allow things to work properly again if that was the problem. If this happens a lot I place UPS's between the mains and Switches to prevent this problem from occurring.

But without knowing what the Network Traffic is it's impossible to given you a better answer with the limited amount of data that you have provided here.


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by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Slow Browssing

Are the switches managed? I'd recommend that check for errors on the port. YOu may want to try different duplex settings for the port and/or the PC.

I have seen a fwe problems, particulary with newer PC's with Gb Netcards, where percieved slowness occurs do to failings in Speed/Duplex Autosense. Forcing speed of the Port,the PC or both ususally resolves. I have seen cases where it mattered whether it was the Port, host, or both that you set statically, so you may want to try the different possible combinations.

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by RG11 In reply to Slow Browssing

Was it ever fast? If you shut down all computers but one how is the speed?

What kind of internet connection. Do a search on bandwidth test on the net and then run it. If it is horribly slow call the ISP and have them test..

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