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Slow Computer Affects Entire Network?

By mrs_doctor_jones ·
Can a slow computer actually slow down an entire network?

We have a client who we support remotely. Each of the eight computers in the entire network is used solely for the purpose of data entry and positng to a DOS based program. When one computer on their P2P network recently broke they replaced it with another. Now they claim that the new computer is extremely slow and that when in use it slows down the entire network. Is this possible? The computer by itself didn't seem slow. Could it be the network card or some network setting?

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You are on target

by hekkletekk In reply to Slow Computer Affects Ent ...

Their claim that "the new computer is extremely slow and that when in use it slows down the entire network" is probably a smoke-screen. The speed of the computer itself will not impact the network.
However, your suspicion of the NIC is right on target. I'm assuming Ethernet.
If you have a NIC jabbering, or flooding the network with malformed packets, or causing tremendous amounts of collisions, you got a real problem. And yes, if it were set up wrong -say, to Full Duplex 100, when the hub canhandle only Half Duplex 10, its own Network performance could slow to a crawl, even if it is blindingly fast when working locally.
Also, the wrong, or outdated NIC Driver can have a tremendous effect - I changed the driver on my new 1.7GHz XP Compaq, and login time dropped from 2-5 MINUTES (Yes, minutes) to 5-10 SECONDS.
What protocols are bound and in what order is important.
In a P@P network, being setup improperly can have more of an impact - but a slow PC, if properly configured, should NOT affect the rest of the network.

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