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By uhuru4 ·
I had a problem with a laptop that i had to slipstream a driver in the os copy. Thants to great advice i got I finaly got that coputer working and now it is fine. Now I have another problem with the other laptop. I love learning about the slipsteaming and reinstall, so i got this bright idea to reinstall the os for a dell laptop because the computer was slow realy slow.The spec are windows xp sp2 fsb 566 and 256meg ram at 1.2ghz and wireless. After the reinstall it was even slower. The computer is about 6 yrs old. any sugestions on how to increase speed or back to its speed before.

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Use the Dell Recovery Disc Set

by OH Smeg In reply to slow computer

Then delete all of the unnecessary junk that is included with the Dell Set.

Also check the current Device Manager and make sure that all of the devices have up to date drivers. If any are running the default Windows Drivers they may be slowing the thing down.

Also increase the Page File Size to something that is actually useful with only 256 MEG of RAM the Page File will be somewhere around 300 MEG up this to 750 on the lower side and a GIG on the upper side.


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256 Mb RAM?

by partnersph_2 In reply to Use the Dell Recovery Dis ...

dud... SP2 may be enough to stretch that kind of hardware...

why not, say, upgrade and double it... 512 maybe...

or, as economies of scale has taught me... why not max it and see if you can make it 1.5 gb?

see, your computer may be slow because the RAM doesn't have enough storage for the instructions and whatever it is that it stores. If so, your computer stores those instruction in your hard drive which is 200x slower...

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While that is correct

by OH Smeg In reply to 256 Mb RAM?

It's also not likely that the Customer who brought the computer in for repair will be happy spending more money to make it work when they where already happy with it to begin with.

Besides with that amount of RAM installed it's one of the older ones so there may not even be the possibility of Upping the RAM as Suitable RAM may no longer be available. That stuff was expense compared to what is available today but unfortunately it's not Interchangeable.


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Re: While that is correct

by partnersph_2 In reply to While that is correct

yea... well, for you the technology might be too old for you to only see it in a museum but hey, WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! hehe...

Your technology 2 months ago is our top-of-the-line!!!

Good for you guys...

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Not at all

by OH Smeg In reply to Re: While that is correct

But it's still impossible to fit what you can not buy.

In this case the computer is Old and the RAM is no longer being sold new for it. While you can buy Second Hand with NB's it's a Real Crap Shoot as many Will Not use just any RAM that you can find. There is High Density, Low Density and then some brands that just do not work with some systems. I sent 10 sticks of 256 MEG SO RAM to the Philippines for one friend there and none of them worked in the computers that they wanted to use them in. Of course I could have told them that if they had of told me the Make & Model of the NB's instead of the RAM Specifications.

Also because this isn't the OP's Personal Computer suggesting Additional Expense to make it work as well as it did when it was brought in isn't a very cleaver idea for any Repairer to do. Things like that kill any business faster than peeving off the customers before they even come near you.

This is all Basic Business that anyone should understand after all if I go broke giving away things how will that help any of my customers or me?


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did you check for

by Sue T In reply to slow computer

heating problems? after 6 years you may have to clean out any dust/dirt around the fan. also you said you reinstalled, what did you use to do the reinstall? did you then download and install updates and updated drivers. What is starting up with the laptop? what anti virus software is being used? I have seen HP printers do that to computers also with some of the software they install.

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