Slow connectity from Outlook 2003 to Exchange 2003

By stergios_nik ·

We have problem when someone uses Outlook 2003 in order to send an email via Exchange 2003. This problem started suddently last week and I am trying to find out the cause.

When the user is sending the email to 1 recipient then the messages stucks in the Outlook 2003's outbox queue for 5 seconds and then it is delivered to exchange 2003. In the past the message in Outbox was staying for 1-2 seconds. The problem gets worse if someone sends email to many recipients. For example if someone sends email to 50 recipients then the email will stuck in Outlook 2003's outbox for 1 hour and then will be delivered to Exchange 2003.

Looks like that the Outlook 2003 client has problems with connecting to Exchange 2003 and it is affected by the number of recipients.

The outlook client connects to the Exchange 2003 via a LAN connection so it should be fast.

The special progress notification message in Outlook 2003 shows that the Outlook Client is processing the message to be delivered but it takes a lot of time to reach Exchange 2003.

The problem occurs and on other client PCs that use Outlook 2003 so I suspect that something occured on the Exchange 2003.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


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