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slow dell computer

By mmizzell ·
dell dimension 4600 computer running xp, 256 ram.reformatted hard drive and reloaded windows only.computer still runs slow & cpu usage runs about 27-32 percent setting idle and only 14 processes running.any ideas!

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by lolabugsbrokenheart In reply to slow dell computer

setting bios, add another 256 ram, disable unnecessary services by run-msconfig or services.msc, overclock the mobo - add fan/cooling system, install windows 98 instead

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by RCOM In reply to slow dell computer

After looking at the specs for this PC it should be nice and speedy and run windows XP with no problem.

Its not connected to the internet without virus protection and firewall I hope. If so you may have been infected with a virus. Just being online with XP and no security updates is a risk. Get your AV software that going and scan.

RAM is cheap and makes a difference.

Something that may help is disabling some of the XP eye-candy features. This will make a noticable difference.

Open control panel and click on the system icon.

Select the advanced tab across the top.

Select performance and change visual effects to the "best performance" settings.

Next go to the following site and learn about the backround services that windows runs. A lot of them can be disabled to speed things up. The site has a great chart that shows configs for different types of computer uses like default, normal, gaming etc. It also explains how to disable the items not really needed.


Auto Update can be disabled but you need to remember to manually go online to get updates and fixes.

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by itek4u In reply to slow dell computer

1. Is the PC seeing the entire 256 MB ram other than what the video uses? Is one of the chips failing on it?
2. What RPM is the hard drive? I had a hard drive fail in this way: It was not the sectors because it never,ever showed sectors failing. The reader arm never banged, etc. It slowly over time got slower and slower in its seek time.
3. Is the CPU failing?
4. The most likely is: Is the source of the reload defective? I've had that happen. If you are loading from the diagnostic partition, it may be missing vital components of WinXP. Even if you loaded from a CDROM set, it can have defection, also.
5. The second most likely is: Is it a mixture of all the above? A strong surge in the electricity can cause it.

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