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Slow DNS resolution in Win2K

By Sschauble ·
I am running a Microsoft Windows 2000 enviroment including DNS. I am having issues when trying to resolve host names. I have checked with my provider and switched their DNS to a new server, and surfing on the firewall is very fast. However, when I try to resolve on win2k workstations internally, most sites take a long time to resolve. It says finding or whatever site I am trying to get to. The primary DNS is on a seperate subnet then the client machines, but a Cisco 6509 is handling forward requests to the DNS server. I am also running Symantec Velociraptor Software Firewall 7.0.

At this point I have no idea what is going on.

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by free_man032001 In reply to Slow DNS resolution in Wi ...

Try this, check your internet option >>connection >>Lan sittengs >> and uncheck automatically detect sittengs..

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by Sschauble In reply to Slow DNS resolution in Wi ...

The IE settings are not a factor. They are not checked.

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by kmcniff In reply to Slow DNS resolution in Wi ...

I will normally use forwarding on my internal DNS servers. Point it to the ISP's dns servers and don't use recursive lookups internally. I have doe this in most of my clients networks due to performance issues with internal doing recursive lookups from inside a firewall.

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