Slow download speed from the wired computer to the 2 wire DSL modem?

By fsiracusa ·
My 2 wire DSL modem sees 5 meg download on AT&T 6 meg service but my wired and wireless connected computers see only 1.5-2 meg download service. AT& T has tested the lines (all normal) but technition is coming out tomorrow. I've run TCP optimizer on my Windows computer with no change. Any suggestions?

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What is the speed of the connection between the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Slow download speed from ...

ADSL Modem and the Computers?

That could be the limiting Factor here.


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Not exactly sure what you are saying, but

by seanferd In reply to Slow download speed from ...

just because you paid AT&T for 6mbps service does not mean that content servers will be pumping bits out at 6mbps.

Please clarify "My 2 wire DSL modem sees 5 meg download".

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Advertised speeds are not always what you obtain.

The speeds advertised by the various providers ALWAYS say "up to XX mbps" where XX is some number useful only to the salesperson making their pitch. I also have a "2Wire" modem/router from AT&T, so to clarify for others, "2Wire" is a brand name, not a description.
I went with the lower cost option, however, of speeds up to 1.5 mbps, and typically see raw speeds of 1.3 to 1.5 mbps. If your modem/router is a new install, wait a couple of days then completely power it down, unplug the phone line, unplug the network cables, wait abojut 1 minute then plug everything back in and power back up. Sometimes this helps to flush out the
DNS cache from AT&T when I notice drastic slowdowns.
As to your computers only seeing 1.5 mbps, you should also realize that the 6 mbps is a "shared" speed...on my little home network, the wirelessly attached devices are connected at 54 mbps, the speed of the wireless NIC onboard, and the wired connection is at 100 mbps.
That is the transfer speed from each device to the 2Wire Modem/router...they all share the same 1.5 mbps ADSL line from AT&T...if everyone is online at the same time, it can cause a bit of lag or delay (rarely happens though).

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by fsiracusa In reply to Slow download speed from ...

1. It's a CAT 5 wire from the dsl modem/router to the computer.
2. When I log into the dsl modem, the screen indicates around 5 meg download speed. Repeated speed tests have indicated only 0.6 - 1.6 meg download speed to the computer. Three successive tiers of ATT tech support have prompted an onsite tech evaluation which happened this AM.
3. I certainly realize that advertised and reality download speeds can differ. During testing i only had one computer on the network and it was hard wired to the modem/ router.
4. ATT tech onsite this AM got inconsistent voltages on the incoming line from the nearest junction. He initiated an outside line trouble ticket... to be continued.

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to Update

If it is an outside line problem, the 5mbps speed indicator is flat out lying, isn't it? All other things being equal.

You are speaking of the Home → Summary: Broadband or Settings → Broadband: DSL Details, yes?

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by fsiracusa In reply to Slow download speed from ...

Correct. Apparently not accurate. I thought maybe the router was faulty. The onsite tech indicated that the signal was fluctuating, providing varying readings and that we were on the "fourth out of five pairs" of wires coming from the junction...thus a line fix needed.

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