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Slow DSL - It appears to be computer related

By winderama ·
Extremely slow DSL. May be slower than dial up. Web pages load slow, email and file downloading extremely slow (more than 2 hours to download 10 Mg, steaming video (forget about it - takes over 20 min. before a 1 minute video fully loads). Webinars seem to work OK.

Everything was working fine at one time. I posted all day yesterday with Verizon providing the info and test results they requested. A Verizon engineer was here this morning checking the NID and wiring in the house. There was a minor short in one wire. He made some adjustments to the wiring. He says the modem (Westell 327W modem/router/wireless) is receiving the 3 Mg. I am paying for.

I cleaned everything up as usual, clean disk, defrag, virus scan (Norton IS 2007), Ad-Aware, Spyware Doctor, Ccleaner, PC Doctoer hardware check, etc........

The E1 light to my computer is contantly on when I am not doing anything. It appears that the data gets to the modem but there is some elusive setting or software on the workstation (IBM ThinkCenter) preventing data from the modem to the computer.

The only other thing connected to the modem is my VoIP phone. Wireless connectivity is disabled. I hardwired a laptop to the modem a while back. I do not think my connection on the workstation was as slow as it is now but it looked as if the internet worked better on the laptop.

Any ideas?
Any help to resolve this is greatly appreciated.

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