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Slow File Access on Windows 2000 Network

By rblaskovich ·
I am currently having an issue will access to a large file server that is in my Windows 2000 Active Directory. The file server in question has Win2k SP3 and about 300 users accessing 260 GB of files. All of the users have their home directories and profile folders on this server as well. Many users are complaining that access to files on this server is slow. Is there anything that I can do to speed up access to the files?

Also, after capturing a Sniffer trace, I find that before every request to a network share the workstations try a SAM logon request to every DC in the domain. Even the DC's that are not in the site.

Thanks in advance.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Slow File Access on Windo ...

This probably isn't the answer that you're looking for, but: Has it been happening since you installed Service Pack 3.

I'm not in any sense a Networking Professional. I have maybe intermediate knowledge of it. But, I also have been noticing that my home network has been slowing down considerably. And I haven't been able to figure out what the cause is. It's making me wonder if it is SP3 that may be causing it. I know that the problem I'm experiencing on my end is rather new within the last couple of months. That I became aware of it anyhow.

Hopefully this will help out, and if you concur with my theory here, please let me know. And if not, still, please let me know


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Thanks for responding

by rblaskovich In reply to

The server has SP3 installed but some clients have SP3 and some are still on SP2. Both SP3 and SP2 clients are having the issue.



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by mrafrohead In reply to Thanks for responding

But you stated the server was running SP3 right??? That's more where I'm coming from. I think that if the source has the Service Pack then maybe that's what's slowing down the network. I don't know if the clients would aid in that though.


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AV Software?

by yellowcave In reply to Slow File Access on Windo ...

Have you any Anti virus software installed? Apart from the benefits it brings, the downside is that it can slow file access considerably with some clients and servers. A simple test is to disable real time protection on the server and try remote file access, then disable the remote real time protection and compare the relative times.

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Has it just started running slowly?

by shogo In reply to Slow File Access on Windo ...

Did it just start recently or has it been doing this for awhile? That is important because if just started you can narrow it down to what has changed recently. If it has been like that for awhile you need to look at server performance. Check CPU utilization, memory performance, network bandwidth. Also is it the only AD controller. Is there any other server stuff that you are running like VPN's, is it acting as a gateway/firewall, Exchange, these are just a few things to look at, but it definitley helps to narrow it down from a recent problem or one that has been dragging on.

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just a few ideas

by tlath1972 In reply to Slow File Access on Windo ...

you could set up round robin for people logging in. Make sure the DNS server is used in there nic. Try using multiple network cards on the server to reduce the bandwidth. Try getting a faster Hub Switch. ect ... Don't know what you have so just poking some ideas out there.

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