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slow hard drive after downloading

By psydeath ·
after a night of downloading several gigs of stuff off newsgroups my hard drive has become ridiculously slow. this has happened to me before and i reformatted last time and that fixed it. i dont want to do that again since it was only 2 months ago.
i tried scandisk, defragging, spybot and im running active smart and everything says its ok in there. i tried doing a virus scan with norton but it couldnt finish the scan so im trying it again while i goto sleep but i doubt it will work. i also used several things in systemworks such as detect windows problems but those didnt do anything. i ran out of ideas.

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move stuff to CD?

by gralfus In reply to slow hard drive after dow ...

If your HD is clogged, then you need to free up some space. How much free space does the system say you have?

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by mrafrohead In reply to slow hard drive after dow ...

How much memory do you have?

I would be inclined to say that you don't have enough. It sounds like you filled your HD and that used up your virtual memory "swapfile" and now you're paying for it. If you are running XP, make sure you have at least 512M of RAM. If you have at least that much, then ignore what I'm saying as there is something else going on. But I would be inclined to say memory as of this point...

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by LiamE In reply to slow hard drive after dow ...

I presume your HDD isnt so full that lack of diskspace is causing the problems. It sounds like you have the spyware/virus angle covered.

Had this a couple of times recently on different PC's, though not after downloading, and in both cases it as a prelude to the HDD dying I'm affraid.

It seems odd that a reformat worked to speed it up - it sounds like a HW problem to me.

If you have a program that can benchmark your drive - have a look and see what its tranfer rate is. That way we can put a figure on just how bad the performance is. You can download utilities to do this from many sites.

Disable smart and see if that helps.

Have a look in device manager and look at the controller channel the disk is connected to. Check the transfer mode is set to DMA if available and that the current transfer mode is Ultra DMA 4 or better (presuming its not an old disk or pc here, but not sata either). If its in PIO mode and wont swap out when you set it as above the drive most likely has a major problem. If it shares the cable try it on its own for a bit and see if that helps - it may be a sign of a problem with a device that shares that ide channel.

If none of that helps it may well be the spindle bearing or motor having problems - listen for it being noisier than usual and check that it isnt gettter hotter than you'd expect.

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