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Slow IE Browser

By visod_studios ·
I am running win 98 on a 500mhz p3 with 256 mb ram, and it used to dominate web pages. there was never any lag at all when i would type in text boxes and when i clicked a link the only thing i'd have to wait for was my phoneline internet. now, however, almost all webpages take forever manipulate. as i type in this box now, there is a bout a 3 second lag and my cursur goes on but no text shows up until i puase my typing. some pages are worse then others. hotmail has a 5 second lag for me if im having a good day. a lot of forums seem to take forever too.

i asked my friend about it and he said something about my RAM possibly going bad. is that even possible? i've ran scandisc, defragged, scanned for viruses, shut down all unneccessary programs, all to no avail. right now, when i right click my computer and check my available memory it says 60% is available, but IE runs like im trying to run 20 programs at once or something.

do any of you have any idea whats causing the problem, and more importantly, know how to fix it?


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by TheChas In reply to Slow IE Browser

Yes, memory can go bad. However, you should be having all kinds of system crashes if the RAM is bad.

Which version of IE?

There are some problems with IE 6 and DirectX 8 and 9 on W98 systems.

Check and see if you can get a new driver for your video card, as this is the best fix for the compatibility issues.

If you have an older video card that does not have an updated driver available, you may need to remove IE6 and DirectX 9 so that you can drop back to IE 5.5 and DirectX 7 or 8.

Also, W98 gets slower the longer it's on your PC. Average working life for a W98 installation varies from 6 months to 2 years.
After that, from software installs and crashes, the registry grows so large that it slows things down.

The only 'good' fix for this is to back up your files, format the drive, and start over.


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by visod_studios In reply to

thanks, i'll give those things a try.

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by visod_studios In reply to Slow IE Browser

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