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Slow Image Downloads with new modem

By automagshooter ·
I installed a new US Robotics v.92 modem in my friends computer (Win98)everything went well in the installation, and it dials up and says its connected at 45,000 bps (that's where it should be) but when you try to get a web page, it will download the text fairly quickly, but it can take 10 minutes or so to download the pictures (more than a normal 56k). Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Slow Image Downloads with new modem

by Todd Kimbrell In reply to Slow Image Downloads with ...

1. A rf filter could clean up line problems and improve speed with several different USR modems.
being a low pass filter, such as used with DSL to keep any high frequencies out of the low band.
Available at Radio Shack at about $10.00.

2. Alsotry disabling the v.92 in the modem. This has been a documented issue.
There should be no connection issues between any of the following:

V92 -> V92
V90 -> V92
V92 -> V90
V92 -> V34

However with a

V34 -> V92

connection, you will have to disable the following in the settings of the V92 modem only:

ATS15=128 (Disable v.42)
ATS32=98 (Disable V.90 & x2)

Best of luck

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