Slow internet access after setting up 2003 AD in my home?

By chrisnett ·
Hello everyone,
I have recently created a home domain using server 2003, consisting of 2 PCs and one laptop.
My question is: AFter setting up AD to handle DHCP and DNS, my internet access has became very sluggish. I have the AD dishing out IP, and stopped my linksys router from dishing them out. I have the workstation pointing to the AD for DNS, and the gateway. The AD is pointing GW to the router and DNS is pointing to my ISP.

Can anyone tell me why the internet is so slow now. Web pages take for ever to download, but when I down load things like music or programs it fine. Kinda tripping me out.

Thanks in advance.

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Probably DNS

by Hamish_NZ In reply to Slow internet access afte ...

Opening a webpage requires lots of little downloads, whereas music and programs are one big single one. Sounds like something is making each individual initial connection slow, but is not affecting actual thru-put.

i.e. sounds like DNS is the bottle-neck. Stop using AD for DNS for a bit and see if that makes a difference.

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