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Slow Internet and Favorites

By ricky600 ·
On my pc I am running Windows XP, for the last couple of months my internet connection has been really slow, when I click on Favorites that takes forever. I have deleted cookies, cleaned up my hard drive, switched out my modem, cabling, and NIC. I have also reloaded the software. I really do not want to format the drive and start over. Can I get some input please?

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by pctech In reply to Slow Internet and Favorit ...

You may have a virus. Go to this site and do a virus scan -
You could also be suffering from excess spyware. Actually, any spyware is excess spyware. Try this site -
Type adaware into the site's search box and download Ad Aware.
Now search for spybot and download Spybot Search & Destroy 1.3.
After installing these apps, check for updates for the app and run a scan. Remove any spyware that they may find.
You can also try clearing your history and checking your Favorites for anything that you did not add to them.
After you are sure that your system is virus and spyware free, make sure you have all of the critical updates from Microsoft including IE 6 SP1.
Should all of this fail, try eliminating any applications that are not needed to run Windows using MSCONFIG to diable them from the startup group. Should this solve the problem, bring in each app, one at a time, and see which one causes your problems and uninstall it and see if this resolves your issues.

I hope this helps you.

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by ricky600 In reply to

thanks for the advice.. i had the handy virus.. i deleted the files that were affected.. now everything is running fine..

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by lmayeda In reply to Slow Internet and Favorit ...

When this happened to our LAN, it was determined that somehow the DNS server addressed changed. Most of our computers were set to automatically detect the DNS server. When I entered a specific IP address for my DNS server, internet access went from excruciatingly slow to instant. The answer above to remove spyware is also good to do periodically.

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by ricky600 In reply to
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by ricky600 In reply to Slow Internet and Favorit ...

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