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Slow internet on t1

By dave1954 ·
The pcs all have slowed down web pages take 10 min or more at times. Pages often say servier not found.Have re set fire wall and switch boxes.
Ip says there side is ok its all pc 2000 xp and even i mac HELP!!!!!!

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Slow internet on t1

I would call out a specalist but don't take your ISP's word on 'all good at our end'. Get somebody to come out - demand it!

While you wait. Turn off all PC /MAC - Turn on one at a time to see where the slowdown starts - reinstall the PC. Sounds like a virus / malware...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Slow internet on t1

It wouldn't hurt to run a Speed Test for the T1 line off the primary computer that it's connected to as well.

While the ISP may be perfectly correct in saying what they are there can be physical problems with the line as well a technical ones and the line could need maintenance. I would first try with just the primary computer connected with either all the rest shut down or disconnected from the T1 line as see what happens.

If that's fast you can look at your end for something hogging Bandwidth but if it's slow I would be jumping on the provider for a solution. A Bandwidth Sniffer would also not go astray at all as you need to know just what is happening on the line. If you are broadcasting a lot of data you could have an infection that needs addressing or Worst Case Scenario you could be hosting a Bot that has taken over your system and is doing illegal work for some other person. So you do need to know just how much upload/download is going on at any time.


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by lamczyknic3000 In reply to Slow internet on t1

use a packet sniffer like Ethereal (free at and find out what traffic is going across your network. It may not be a connection problem, but a traffic problem as your bandwidth could possibly have maxed out. Also check your port settings and switch/router/modem settings.

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