slow internet

By mr_t_wright ·
Ok, I am having a problem with a slow internet connection. So at this particular campus the issue is we share a T1 connection with a church. There is about 5 16pt switches and one 4pt dlink wireless router. I restarted the switches and the connection was a lil faster but its still very slow.

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You'll need to analyze where the slowdown is

by seanferd In reply to slow internet

At first, maybe try tracert to see which hops take the longest or time out. Are they inside the LAN, at the shared T1, in the ISP's network, or some other internet routing or nameserver issue?

Some servers will not respond to ping or tracert, so you may have to try several sites.

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Switch Overhead

by In reply to slow internet

The extra traffic switches use to communicate with each other maybe slowing it down.

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by mr_t_wright In reply to Switch Overhead

So it would be better to just have one monsert switch?

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disabling protocols

by In reply to So,

What i mean is, if you know how to disable unnecessary protocols, that could give a small speed boost.

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How many users on the network?

by robo_dev In reply to slow internet

There are a lot of variables here.

Did this ever work properly?

How well locked down and protected are the PCs from viruses/spyware?

God only knows what type of web content the folks at the church are looking at. All it takes is a couple of people with a you-tube addiction and your bandwidth is all shot to H.E. double hockey sticks.

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by mr_t_wright In reply to How many users on the net ...

There are anywhere between 15 - 25 users on the network at a time plus the copier/printers. Is anyone familiar with "Region 20 or a site called RSCCC"? I am thinking it plays a role in slowing down the connection

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