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Slow loading of Personal and Computer settings

By thallenbeck1 ·
I use outlook for my email on my Windows 2000 Dell computer. Twice now when the email service provider went down I began having problems booting my machine to a network. The computer settings would slowly load getting me to a login screen then an hour later it would finally load my personal settings. Our technician ran some Dell diagnostics but they made it worse. Any ideas would be helpful.

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by thallenbeck1 In reply to Slow loading of Personal ...

I saw on another question that the DNS server designation might be incorrect. How do I check this. The NETLOG error message says the DNS host name of the computer object in Active directory failed to update and the RPC session is unavailable

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by thallenbeck1 In reply to Slow loading of Personal ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by Calle Lindstr?m In reply to Slow loading of Personal ...

First, if outlook is loaded during system startup, remov it from startup folder.

Second,check DNS adress in tcp/ip settings.
Is your computer name (FQD-name, right? Is dns-client service and rpc-services (client and server)in yor computer running?

Last, try ping your machine from another machine, with name and with ip-address. If you get time out, it's DNS error.
In win2k server, there is machine account for every machine in domain. Server changes those passwords silenty, and if your machine for some reason does not get new password, you cant join domain. Remove computer account from domain and join computer to domain again.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Slow loading of Personal ...

Try removing your computer from the domain. Join it to a non-existent workgroup ie moon reboot then rename the computer (make sure there is no space behind computer name) reboot and rejoin the domain.

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