Slow login for non admins

By jdlp ·
I have a users who whenever he logs into his pc, it takes around 5 mins for it to load, the Applying computer settings takes forever.
I have tried with other accounts and they behave the same. All that is except domain admin accounts.
N.B. All acounts work fine elsewhere.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what might be causing this and how it can be resolved?
Thanks in advance.

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I have a similar issue with one user.

by Dedlbug In reply to Slow login for non admins

It is a roaming profile setup using Folder Redirection that causes it (for my case). I disabled folder redirection for that user and it loads quick again, but when I re-enable folder takes forever. I have just kept it disabled since. Fortunately the user only logs onto one computer anyway, but it's the principal of the thing.

Any one have any ideas?

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re:Slow login for non admins

by c&d4ever In reply to Slow login for non admins

Are logins slow on all computers or are logins slow only on that one user's computer?

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RE: re:Slow login for non admins

by jdlp In reply to re:Slow login for non adm ...

The slow logins are only on one users computer, with a local account.

we don't use roaming profiles at all.

with an admin account works fine.

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have you

by Sue T In reply to RE: re:Slow login for non ...

tried backing up the users data, deleting the profile and then recreating it? Or you could just give him a new account. it is possible there is something wrong with his profile and this should fix that.
Good luck.

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recreating account

by jdlp In reply to have you

The problem isn't tied down to one user, it is all users on this one pc.

Only Domain admin account work fine. all user accounts have this issue.

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Have you verified all the

by IC-IT In reply to RE: re:Slow login for non ...

Startup items are necessary? Check with an app like autoruns;

You may want to delay some services/programs from fighting for boot priority, try startup delayer;

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startup programs

by jdlp In reply to Have you verified all the ...

Just to check why would this affect users, but not domain admins?

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If it were me

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Slow login for non admins

The first thing I would look at is the permissions difference since you say that it works fine with admin account but not non-admin accounts.

I'd look for anything that could be trying to run when the computer starts up that would possibly require admin privileges. It's possible that it's taking so long because it keeps hitting an "access denied" until it's done retrying.

Event logs should shed some light on this.

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