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By bigdogmail ·
I am having problems with my laptop logging in while attached to my docking station. If I login on the wireless or hardwired to the network cord, it starts up fine. But when in the docking station, it hangs on the Applying Computer Settings. I've tried upgrading the software on the NIC and Wireless without results. Any other ideas? TIA

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It may be a bad connection

by w2ktechman In reply to Slow Login

with the dock. If the only time it is slow is when docked, either there is a problem with the dock, or a problem with the connection to the dock, or a problem on the MB.

If you have another dock to try, it can help to troubleshoot. If not, look at the pins on the dock and notebook. Is it dirty, is lint or dust in there? Clean up the connections first and see if that is the issue. Also pull the LAN cable from the dock and check those pins as well, I have seen some that have been broken, or something is blocking the cable from going in all of the way.

If this does not help, try to find a dock to test with. Does the same thing happen?

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