Slow "My Computer" On XP

By eddy315west ·
it all started when i added my Dir-655 router as a upnp when i click start>my computer it takes a long time for all my drives and everything listed under my computer to show up does anybody know how to fix this or do i need to go ahead with a system restore which i dont really want to do .

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Why UPnP?

by apotheon In reply to Slow "My Computer" On XP

I'd say you probably shouldn't install the router as a UPnP device. Just access it via its web configuration interface in your browser of choice.

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One more thing . . .

by apotheon In reply to Why UPnP?

You should probably turn off UPnP for security reasons, as I suggested in my article 10 services to turn off in MS Windows XP. In addition to security concerns, this also might address some performance issues.

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It's Windows

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Slow "My Computer" On XP

It's going to search for PnP devices first. Only then is it going to search for UPnP devices. Of course, given you have a router its likely looking for network drives and devices that are PnP first, which by that time may "take a long time."

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I have the same router

by christopher.fujii In reply to It's Windows

...and no issues with UPnP plugged up. I only have UPnP on because of my PS3 but I'll prolly end up disabling it. Either way, my computer wasn't affected by it.

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