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Slow net Today... UUNet

By LordInfidel ·
Just in case any one cares or is wondering why they can not get to some sights.

I received a status report regarding UUNet a while ago about their backbone services having extreme issues.

The update I just received was that alot of the major carriers have shut down their peering into UUNet. This will force alot of traffic into other carriers.

If you are a UUNet customer and have services on the east coast, there is a good chance it is down.
(If you are reading this then you are not down)

This is just a heads up for anyone out there whose business like mine depends on it's customers getting to your site.

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by tbragsda In reply to Slow net Today... UUNet

Been problems (slow) all AM. Im west coast.

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This Is the Worldcom Story

by road-dog In reply to
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by ghstinshll In reply to Slow net Today... UUNet

UUNET is terribly overpriced for the market today, and you can get much better service out of a local CLEC or from an AT&T Frame... When my company went with Broadwing frame, it was a god-send...

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We have multiple providers

by LordInfidel In reply to Ditch UUNET

We chose not to put our eggs in one basket.
Obviously the costs will add up, but if your livlihood depends on being connected then the multiple vendor solution is the way to go.

You just have to pick carriers that are not using the same backboneor else you are working against yourself.

We also have fiber and copper running into us.
Plus we also use XO/Internap for our colocation and have pvt lines to them.

If your not familiar with XO/Internap facilities, it is quite cool. These guy's are extremely proactive with their routing and monitioring. They sit on multiple tier1 and tier2 providers which allows them to always be up.

If you are looking for a co-location site, go with these guy's. Since we have went with them our sites have never been down. Plus you can almost always get to us from wherever you are. That is the beauty of sitting on all of the major carriers backbones.

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