Slow network

By erukwava ·
Pliz help. I administer 12 computers that are networked and all connect to the internet via an adsl modem. I have a win2000 server where users save thier files to. The problem is that it takes a very long time to open simple word and excel files that reside on the server. It also takes a along time to save to the server, even if the file is very small. I have blocked internet access for some users by entering in the proxy settings of internet explorer so that they can only access e-mail. the slowness happens at different times for different users. Pliz HELP!!!

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more info required

by jim In reply to Slow network

What speed is your network running? 10mbs/100/1000? how fast is the hardware on the server everyone's accessing?

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by erukwava In reply to more info required

Jim, the speed on my network is 100mbps. I believe I have the best in terms of Hardware, an HP server and clients run on HP computers like 6120 or DX2000. If it's a server speed problem, shouldn't everyone suffer? in my case, some people can work fine without a problem for a week or so, more like on a rotational basis. Today, A is experiencing slowness, tomorrow it's B etc. I have extracted some pics of the log files from my server, if you can give me your e-mail I can e-mail them to you to see error that I am getting on the system log.

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One thing I forgot to ask

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Speed

Do you have all these computers connected through a hub or a 100Mbps capable managed switch? IF they're on a hub I strongly reccomend replacing it with a good switch since this will improve network speed considerably

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I kind of doubt..

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Slow network

It's a network problem unless you're running on an ancient 10Mbps network. Your first step should be to get familiar with the Perfomance snapin and start monitoring different metrics on the server to determine where the bottleneck is. You can certainly check the network metrics on the server, but I suspect you will also want to check the load on the harddrive(s) of the server. You can also set up a log so that you can measure the counters over time.

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Slow network

by ankit7780 In reply to I kind of doubt..

I think first u check the Link speed of local pc like it set to Auto, 100mb full or 100 half.

2) if you have cisco manageble switch then u set all the port to 100full.
if other brand then also u check for the port speed.

3) u check the performance counters on server like memory utilization, Page file utuilization etc...

4) check for the viruses.

5) also check the file written method on the server, like whenever file is modified its creating its snapshot or not. if this setting is enable the disable it.

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