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slow network

By vcs1 ·
I have 5 systems on a microsoft network. My main system and 2 others is windows 98se with D-link 100 card. I am using a belkin router, sharing a DSL modem. 2 system has windows xp pro. It takes over 40 minutes to transfer a 4.5 gig file. This seems slow when you can download a 4.5 file in less then 5 minutes. I am using tcp protocol. All cards are working at 100 mbps. I have removed the router and used only a intellinet network hub.
Any suggestions?

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by jschein In reply to slow network

you should upgrade from a hub to a switch...

Hubs: They share and cut bandwidth to the indivual ports.

Switches: Maintain 100 base t connection for all ports.

A 5 - 10 port switch will only run from $50 +

Good luck

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by vcs1 In reply to

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by ChrisDent In reply to slow network

When you say "download a 4.5 file in less than 5 minutes" what do you mean? Doesn't make much sense in its present form You certainly couldn't download 4.5 Gb in 5 minutes.

I calculated the bit rate for that amount of data over your network based on the figures you gave. It works out at 15 Mbits per second. (4.5 Gb of data = 36 000 000 000 bits).

Given that your network cards can achieve 100 Mbits per second then that seems quite slow at first glance.

However, there are some other factors to take into consideration.

Hubs / Routers - Both computers are connected via another device whether that's a router or hub? If so the speed those devices are capable of is important. If you could give the make / model of the Hub we could eliminate that.

Slowest Device - In a network using Hubs the speed of the network is dependant on the slowest device attached to the hub. So if your router only runs at 10 Mbit and is connected to a hub then so does everything else.

Number of Files - Single continuous files take the shortest amount of time to copy. Hundreds of small files increase the copy time substantially.

Other Traffic - In any situation where a hub is involved only 1 device on the network is allowed to chat at any one time. If there is a lot of other traffic present then the speed of the network will quickly drop.

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by vcs1 In reply to

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by csmith In reply to slow network

This sounds like a "collision" problem.
One of the PCs may be broadcasting excessively, or you may have a defective NIC that is only running at 10mbs.
Regards, Chris

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by vcs1 In reply to slow network

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