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Slow network access after re-patching

By mail4simon ·
I re-patched my comms cabinet last Monday, tired of working with what looked like an explosion in a spaghetti factory, anyway all seemed well until the next morning. Ever since it takes 5 minutes to save any changes to documents on the shared drives, Slow email access ETC. Checked card and switch settings, problems are not server specific (IE network wide), checked antivirus, checked every patching twice in case of loop, no phones patched to switch, no fault on switches (3 Nortel Business Policy 2000's with cascade modules, no vlan or any setup on switches...the only thing that has changed is the position in the switch (port number) to which the floor ports are patched...shouldn't make any difference (or so I thought)

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received

Thanks in advance


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by BFilmFan In reply to Slow network access after ...

Are the ports set ot a particular speed or are they attempting to negotiate the speed with the NIC?

I've seen issues with that where the NIC is running at 100 and the switch is running at 10.

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by mail4simon In reply to Slow network access after ...

The ports auto negotiate and match...have also tried setting to 100 full duplex at both ends just in joy

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by scottsman In reply to Slow network access after ...

I would verify that there is nothing setup on the Nortel's, and Did you power cycle the Nortels when you did this? Check the punch down block too just to make sure you did not accidently nudge something loose there.

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by d'solve IT In reply to Slow network access after ...


Ping each and every equipment on your LAN and check the response; should be less than 10ms. If any one of these show up a higher value, I'd suggest you investigate that. This will narrow down your suspect area and will help me (and others) to work out the possible cause for this problem and find a solution. :-)

Good Luck

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by Helpless desk In reply to Slow network access after ...

I would clear the mac table

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