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Slow network connectivity

By qrobertson ·
Our environment is a hybrid with a novell 6 server and 3 windows 2003 servers. All clients are windows XP with novell client 4.9 SP2.

The problem we are running across can only be explained as a very limited connectivity to any resources on the novell server. The problem is not specfic to any particular hardware on the clients nor is it any particular time of day(i.e. early morning logon or midday logon). I have run Ethereal on several machines to try and see if perhaps it was an ARP brodcast problem but that is not the case. I am hoping to find someone that has run across a similar problem. thanks for any input

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by robo_dev In reply to Slow network connectivity

Note that there is a patch to the patch :
4.9 SP2 C which allegedly solves some performance issues such as the one you are seeing.

The fault appears to be with the server, but it is actually the workstation Client causing the problem.

Novell Client attempts to lock a byte range already being used by another workstation. The Client instructs the servers to wait 55 milliseconds before attempting to lock a different byte range not being used. The server waits for the byte lock to be free before letting the Client on the workstation know the byte range is not available. One workstation can byte lock multiple ranges, causing the Client to check and wait on every single byte range that is being used.

Multiple workstations logging in to the network will compound the problem - the network slows down even more, limiting the amount of packet traffic from the server to the workstation.

Delay at the workstation can range from 55 to 110 milliseconds per packet byte range. Adding multiple workstations can also cause the network to run more slowly.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Slow network connectivity

Soooooo many reasons can cause this, mostly windows stuff.
SP 6.0 is the latest for NW6.0 and you need to apply the post NSS patch if your volumes are NSS. If you haven't patched to SP 5, you should. If the volumes aren't NSS I recommend it.
Are you using IP only with SLP. If not you should.
Latest client is 4.91SP2, many changes since 4.9SP2.
Do you have opp locking turned off? (TID10095627)
And the list goes on.
For further help check out this list:

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by mr.novell In reply to Slow network connectivity

Question?, Are the client using IPX as there routing protocol to the netware box, You can check by using the TCP/IP console on the Netware box. If you are using IPX that could be your issue.

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