Slow network on one computer

By kljenkins2 ·
I am running three identical winXP machines on my wireless home network and all of them were working at good speeds. However, the machine that is connected to the DSL modem and router has begun to run very slow when on the web. I upgraded the router and the wireless cards on all three to wireless G to see if that would help, but it did not. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else I might check?

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Is it the network or the PC

by NickNielsen In reply to Slow network on one compu ...

You could start with this download and work from there:

You also imply in your post that the slow machine is providing the interface between the network and the DSL modem ("...the machine that is connected to the DSL modem and router..."). If this is in fact the case, all your network traffic is passing through this machine.

Further information that will greatly help in finding a solution:
*XP Home or Professional?
*How is the wireless router connected to the DSL modem?

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Thank you, Nick

by kljenkins2 In reply to Is it the network or the ...

Thank you for your reply. This problem is going on the back burner for now. I have just been faced with a my husband having a heart attck and the death of my mother. klj

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by NickNielsen In reply to Thank you, Nick

So very sorry to hear that. My condolences on the loss of your mother and best wishes for your husband's recovery. Nick

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Same problem

by arjin In reply to Ouch!

Nick, sorry to continu the thread under these circumstances, but because the title hit my problem on the spot, I would like to see if you can help me.
I have a Sitecom wireless router 11Mb (b) on a plain cable modem. Then I have a laptop and a PC connected to it with a wireless adapter (on the laptop Sitecom, on the PC I've had different models including Sitecom but now I have a Sweex Nitro (G). Both Machines run XP Pro with SP2 installed.
The thing is that internet on the laptop is running perfect at speeds of up to 200 kb/s while the PC varies between 5 and 15 kb/s and most of the time it isn't running at all. Worst is even that it looks like it can only process so much info and then it stops. For instance when I try to donload a 4 Mb file, it gets to 2.5 Mb and then it stops receiving bytes and I have to try again.
I've tried everything upgrading firmware of the router, connecting both computers to the internet directly, connecting the PC through the laptop, change node type on the PC, buy a new wireless adapter, re-install XP, deploy the network setup wizzard, deploy the wireless network setup wizzard, exchange settings from laptop to PC, set fixed IP adresses but it still sometimes works but most of the time it doesn?t.
Do you know one more trick I can try?

Best regards,

Arjin van As

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Try this

by NickNielsen In reply to Same problem

I've had some success with manually setting the network type for the interface.

Open the network properties and select Configure next to the adapter name. Go to the Advanced tab and look for a "Network" or similar setting that will allow you to set the network type. Set that value from Auto to 802.11b (or 11Mbps).

It's a shot in the dark, but it might work. I've seen a few b/g wireless adapters that don't play well with older "b" APs or routers unless they are told they have to.

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I have the same problem

by lolucena In reply to Thank you, Nick

We have a SDSL 2Mbps and 5 Laptops, the issue is only 2 laptops have fast internet, the other 3 ones, have access to internet but very very slow. We have tried everything but only the same 2 laptops can access fast. Any idea?

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