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slow network printing from XP

By eroon ·
I have an HP4550 Laser printer connected to a Win98SE computer. When I print from an XPpro computer on the network, printing is very slow, sometimes so slow that I have to end the task form the tasklist. Other computers (both XP and 9 have no problems.
Even opening documents takes a very long time. On a few occasions without my doing anything the problem seemed to disappear, only to re-appear the next day. When I checked the Tasklist all the processes running were the same in both cases ie when printing was fast and when it was slow. The total memory used is always less than the memory installed - 256MB. Could it still be a memory problem? We recently got DSL (previously had a dial-up internet connection). This may have nothing to do with it, I just mentioned it because the problem first appeared on the same day the we got the DSL router set up.
Also, although the DSL router is connected to the LAN, no one else can get access to the Internet by using a browser. I believe the TCP/IP properties are configured correctly, and the other computers can access the Internet since their anti-virus program has been updating regularly.
My main problem though is the slow printing.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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by glyall In reply to slow network printing fro ...

slow printing can be causd by the Win98 machine doing a task. Is the Win98 a regular working PC.
someone that is using in daily.

I would look into buying a router with a printer port on it. 4 and 8 port with a printer port are available. This way you do not have to relie on the Win98 mahine to print though.

If is have a network interface connection you can also use it and setup each PC to print to that ip address for the printer.

I would also check for spyware and adware don that PC they cause a lot of problems

good luck

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to slow network printing fro ...

could be infection of a virus that corrupted the rpc service .
Reinstall sp2 on that machine.
also disable the firewall.
download and install the lastest driver on that particular workstation.
Did you check the eventviewer already to see if the are any warning or error messages ?


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by Blackcurrant In reply to slow network printing fro ...


Whenever I had had users report this, it has been down to the DNS settings on their machines. Do you have a domain set up? If so, each client must look to the domain controller first, and the gateway (router) second in the list of DNS servers in the TCP/IP properties.

Also, is there a program running that may be redirecting DNS somewhere else? Our company had originally been using software installed on each machine that directed internet requests to a computer with a dialup connection. After we upgraded to a domain, and also bought a router I did not uninstall the program from all machines (don't ask why). This meant that even though the DNS was setup correctly in TCP/IP properties, the request was being 'highjacked' and redirected to the old dialup machine, which of course was no longer connected to the internet.

Hope this helps

Good luck

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