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    Slow Network problem (2 separate network, same problem)


    by vric ·


    I will try to be as descriptive as I can. I have the same problem on 2 different network.

    Network #1 – Home

    Linksys WRT54G, Wifi, WAP, Mac restricted, running DD-WRT

    Problem: Network is very slow and sometime timeout.

    Main Computer: WinXP Pro (we call it A)
    Second Computer: WinXP Pro (we call it B)
    Third Computer: Win 2000 Pro (we call it C)
    Forth Computer: Mac OS X (we call it Mac :p)

    Computer is C doing Internet file transfer (dl/ul). If I try to access this computer with computer A, it work most of the time. I can access it easily and file transfer are fast. But sometime, few file will timeout

    But if I try to access Computer A with Computer B, the speed is awful (we talk about 2 digit ko/sec !) and most of the time timeout (Windows will give an error that the source file, or destination is not accessible anymore (sorry, no real message, I run all my computer in french)

    I also have the same problem with Mac trying to access Computer A. Wired or wireless.

    So beside A to C and C to A that work “most of the time”, the network simply is unreliable. (I find myself using a Memory stick more often than the network)


    I also have the same problem with a small business network that I installed.

    Router is Netgear
    3 computer all running Windows 2000 Pro. One is a Server that store all their files.

    The Software they use which share file and DB on the server have no problem. But if they try to access the server directly to share files computer to computer, the transfer timeout (and Windows explorer.exe usually crash)

    This network have not much activity compared to the network at home. There is no dl/ul activity.

    I have no idea what the problem is.

    thanks for help

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      by vric ·

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      Network switch duplex mode

      by ttibbenham ·

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      This kind of awful network performance can be seen when the network card in the PC and network switch have miss-matched duplex modes i.e. 1 is half duplex, the other set to full duplex.
      Check carefully under control panel / network /properties / network card driver / advanced
      If the connection says ‘auto’ try forcing it to match whatever the switch thinks it is doing

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      Two Suggestions, Check Duplex and Speed of Net Adapters & Hardware Specs

      by pixelporter-maildesk ·

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      1. Make sure your Network Adapters are configured properly on all machines
      For Example: Full Duplex and 100 Mbps

      2. Make sure all your Ethernet Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, etc. support the speed you are trying to use. I connected a 10 Mbps Hub (which I thought was a 100 Mbps) to my 100 Mbps network and it caused a ton of collisions slowing file transfers to a crawl.

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