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Slow network...

By NeoVidz4 ·
Hi, Im having a huge problem...Im such a noob when it comes to networks and I'm learning every day...

I need help with the following:

I have a client with 20 pc's on a network, Problem is that it goes sooo very very slow at random...and I'm trying to pinpoint where the problem is. I've done 2 Wireshark tests from two different pc's on the network (the tests both ran for 10 mins), and in both cases I receive the following:

source: dest.: STUN 60 ChannelData TURN Message[Malformed Packet]

There is 114 errors from different sources (within the intranet range) but all trying to go to the same destination. Second time round it was 115.

Just wondering...could that be slowing down the network? If so then how to stop it? If not then how to pinpoint exactly what slows the network down?

Also on the network: 1x Windows 2003 Server running a sql server, 1x Centos 5 server running Samba and Dovecot.

The 20 machines are all running windows xp.

If needed I will forward a wireshark report.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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by Thmiuatga In reply to Slow network...

Just a scientific wise-*** guess, but have you tried a ping test?
If possible, connect a PC to the network and conduct a ping test between that PC and the 20 on the network, then do a ping test between that PC and the server. A bit more work
but you might find and directly isolate the problem PC in the network.

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That means that station is multi-casting

by robo_dev In reply to Slow network...

Station is sending UDP packets to the multicast address (which is a commonly used internal IP for multicast).

Typically you can prohibit multicasting in a managed LAN any?

I would look more closely at what apps are on what PCs.... is anybody running a BitTorrent server, NetFlix, iTunes, or some other app?

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