Slow opening Windows and Internet Explorer

By matcbury ·
About a week ago i noticed that when i opened windows explorer, there was a delay. I thought nothing of it at the time, probably just a gremlin hang but now it is constant. Everytime i open a windows or internet explorer window, there is an 8 second delay (before it was instantaneous). I am running Service pack 2 on an Intel 3.20GHz machine with 3.5 gig of ram. I have run Bit Defender online scanner, Spysweeper and Adaware SE and the problem persists. Any suggestions??

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One obvious one

by Kiltie In reply to Slow opening Windows and ...

What have you installed recently, ie about when the trouble started?

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Several Thinkpads with same problem

by asumpter In reply to One obvious one

We have several IBM Thinkpads in our company including mine - a Z60m which all of a sudden started having delay issues when opening Internet Explorer. No other problems opening other software. No other software installed to cause the problem. Machines are assigned to various users with different install bases. I think it's an incompatibility between Thinkpad and IE due possibly to a service pack. I'm running IE 6.0.

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by Leafgreen In reply to Several Thinkpads with sa ...
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having same are lots of details

by Leafgreen In reply to Several Thinkpads with sa ...


I am having the same problem with a new Lenovo T61 with the following config: Win XP Pro, IE6 SP2 (downgraded from pre-installed IE7), 2GB RAM, T7500 2.2GHz processor (almost the fastest available for notebooks), no anti-spyware or anti-virusware processes running.

Specifically, when either Shift + right-clicking on a link, or pressing Crtl-n to open a new window in IE6, there is a four second delay in opening the new window. Interestingly, when I open a new IE6 process (I mean run iexplorer.exe while already using IE6), then a new browser window opens instantly. Also instant is just following a link.

I also googled "delay opening new ie6 windows thinkpad" and went through 210 results, and only found this post to be relevant.

I even killed many processes in Task Manager, down to the s's, leaving explorer.exe, until causing XP to shut down. Still, until XP shut down, the windows opened slowly.

SO...did you find any solution? I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you.

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what i found

by kal_lmn In reply to having same problem...her ...

For Matcbury, you said that you have spysweeper, and thats exactly what is slowing down the internet. It starts automatically on startup, so wait until its done loading, then shut down spysweeper. I had the same exact problem, and everytime i shutdown spysweeper, my internet worked fine. Spysweeper is a great scanner, but i dont suggest lweaving it on while on the internet.

For leafgreen, sorry, i dont know what to say, try shutting down all antivirus/antispyware before(shutdown, not end process), or scanning for a virus/spyware that may slow the computer.

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This fixed it for me

by simon In reply to what i found

I started by killing processes from the task manager. I found EasyShare (installs after Kodak software setup) and ended the process.
This fixed it for me.
Don't forget to also get rid of it in the Startup folder as it will start again when you reboot your system
Or better, get rid of the kodak software completely.

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IE slow window open

by jbadeau In reply to Slow opening Windows and ...

IE launching and opening of windows may become slow over time due to the presence of Add-ons like plug-ins and browser helper objects (BHO). You can see what you IE has installed by looking in IE at File>Tools>Manage Add..> It is best to remove or disable any add-ons you don't need

Another trick when opening a window in JavaScript is to open a window like:

var win ='url', '', 'features'); = 'winName';

instead of:'url', 'winName', 'features');

this will speed up window opening as IE does not look for any existing windows with the winName

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to IE slow window open

Zombie Alert!!!

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check plugins n addons!

by h.sherzad In reply to Slow opening Windows and ...

check the plugins and addons, they delay browsers and your machine when it's connected to the net. also don't run several protection systems at once they usually take up your juice :)

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Again Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to check plugins n addons!

Again Zombie Alert!!!

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