Slow Outlook 2003 / Exchange

By razz2 ·
I have tried everything here and no luck. In a 2 office environment with SBS 2003. All Outlook 2003 users are fine except one. Of course, the one is the owner. Oh yeah.

Issue: Turns on desktop and when boot is complete (checked on this and he says it is finished. He has even waited 5 minutes) he launches Outlook. I says it is syncing all folders and finishes. Even then, the experience is painfully slow. If he reboots, the shutdown takes forever and then upon reboot everything is great. So, one chance a day to test a solution because if you reboot tests are useless until the next days first boot.

I tried a number of things a while ago and finally re-installed it. All has been fine for over a month. Last week it started again and he has no know changes that would trigger it. I recall trying on first boot avoiding Outlook and going into Word first & experiencing the same issue. I remember thinking "OK, not outlook / exchange specific." That is part of why I re-installed. To be safe I having him try that tomorrow morning. I had checked drives and power supplies and the color of the sky.

What could it be? Updates auto-install 60 minutes after boot if missed. It is first boot only and a reboot will almost always solve it but the reboot can take forever too.

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Sounds to me like it's....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Slow Outlook 2003 / Excha ...

... a network connectivity or update problem rather than a Windows/Outlook problem. The computer is slow because it's busy doing something else, like maybe updates, until you reboot.

Have you checked the running processes upon first boot? What is taking up all the cpu cycles?

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It could also be things like Indexing the HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sounds to me like it's... ...

Or one off things that use the system resources.

So what does the Task Manager say here about what is happening when you first start the system of a morning?


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Outlook running slow

by netjammer In reply to It could also be things l ...

about your problem it can be with the profile that has been created by the outlook. It might have corrupted.

If any firewall or any security software installed make it disabled and than see what happens. You have uninstalled the office but its a microsoft product clicking on uninstall doesn't remove all the registry files.

You can try to to investigate about the addins in the outlook. Try and use outlook without any addins and extension and see how that goes.

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Not just Outlook

by razz2 In reply to Outlook running slow

Perhaps it was my wording but I did not reinstall Office. I re-installed the whole machine including a drive wipe. Thanks though. Outlook was the main symptom as mentioned other apps too.I am going through some HW swaps this coming week.

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May be solved

by razz2 In reply to Not just Outlook

Well, It would seem that so far the solution was to change to scan on modify instead of open. Weird since it has functioned for years fine and for a month after a re-install of the machine. It may start up again later but for now it seems better. Should have seen that sooner I guess. Thanks to all!

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Background Processes

by razz2 In reply to Sounds to me like it's... ...

Thought of that and while it takes a good while to task mgr up nothing is eating CPU time or appears out of the norm. Thus the confusion. Winupdates are controlled and don't run at boot. Drive has been tested with various tools.

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RE: Drive has been tested with various tools.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Background Processes

What about the HDD Makers Testing Utility?

But if it only happens on the initial Start up for the Day that sounds very much like a Running Service. It may not actually eat Clock Cycles it could be using other System Resources and that is the problem.


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by razz2 In reply to RE: [i]Drive has been tes ...

Drive was tested using manufacturers utility as well as Spinrite. I fully agree about resource use. I have checked using Process Explorer for anything odd. Nothing obvious. CPU maybe 10%, RAM use normal, PF use normal, network use etc.

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Look for things like.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Background Processes

RAM mismatch, failing HDD, failing CPU, failing MB, failing NIC, failing switch/router port, unshielded cable, etc...

With the symptom of it 'taking a while to get task manager up', you've got something else going on with the system causing a brief hesitation/freeze. I would tend to lean towards failing hardware, somewhere.

When this happens, can you HEAR anything? Like a click when the HDD finally kicks in and brings up the task manager? Perhaps the HDD isn't spinning up to speed yet when the system first boots, but it is up to speed when you reboot, since reboot does not turn off the power to the drive.

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Could also be related to Heat or lack of it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Look for things like..... ...

If the area that this unit in is cold it is possible that the HDD has the wrong Grease in it and that is preventing it spinning up till it heats up enough to run freely.

I have seen that previously when HDD where brought in from Overseas that where designed for a different country.

It's not common but it is possible.


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