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Slow PC plz HELP!.

By eadams ·

I have a VERY slow/juttery Windows XP machine, i think that the
only possible option is to Re-Build the entire machine! But i
really do not want to do that.... I have done a full system scan, i
might un-install my virus checker {Norton AntiVirus '04}, i have
done a system main disk defragentation.

After which i: Ran the PC in safe mode, and *ding* no more
jutters and normal pc speed is back.
Once i had switched back into normal mode i got the juttery/
slowness back [which is a pain].

What i'm asking is if you have any ideas for why the pc is so
slow/juttery, i have had a few little scriping programs running
cheats for my various games, I have now un-installed them and
any other soft-ware that I think has been slowing the machine
down. After all the above i re-started the machine, still juttering.

I'm really 'scrathing my noggin' over this, so i hope you can help!

Many Thanks,

Edward A.

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10 to 1 its Spyware

by faradhi In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

Use Ad-Aware or Spybot to scan the system

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by Old Guy In reply to 10 to 1 its Spyware

I agree. If you can't get the Ad-Aware Pro you might want to go ahead and use the MS Anti-Spam along with the other two. Also, have you turned off the unnecessary start up programs in MSCONFIG?

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by TechSupport1 In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

Another good program to use is SpyBot. Even after running anti-spyware programs, you should check C:\Program Files to make sure there is no spyware program folders left and use this program, HijackThis. Go to
to learn more about HijackThis. Please let us know how things turn out for you.

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slow PC

by Edward35 In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

I'm with those guys check startup in msconfig download spyware program Microsoft one is good it shows you what services are running broken down to what program and company they belong too

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tweak your windows XP

by Jonny Memonic In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

This is a very good website you could check to tweak your windows xp by disabling services you do not use.

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xp logon slow

by siddhaswarup In reply to tweak your windows XP

I have been going thru the same turmoil. xp takes a lot of time to logon. Removing unused drivers did not do much good.
is there any other way out?

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Yes, I've got the same problem!

by llstapleton In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

I've got a gateway 2GigHz P4 machine. I've restored it 4 times now, and it works great for about 2 months, then the slow down!!!.
I've replaced it with a 2.8Ghz HP P4, but theirs nothing wrong with the PC. I've set it aside to research and track down the issue and kill it!
Sorry cant help you know, except to let you know your not alone, and their are others!

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bad codec?

by john_smuda In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

I have had this happen several times and it was always traced back to a video in one of my video folders with a bad codec. Move or delete everything out of your video folders except DVR-MS files (or even those), then see if the problem persists. I have found that even files that media player will play, MCE has fits over.

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Do This

by RudyMiculescu In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

1. Check you c: drive
2. Defragment C: Drive
3. Uninstall Norton Antivirus - use AVG 7.5 Free insted
4. run->msconfig->startup, uncheck all prg you don't know
5. Install Windows Defender from Microsoft website (do a full scan)

If is still runing slow, do a Ctrl+Alt+Delete, on Processes tab, verify CPU load of programs, maybe you have a program runing in backgroun.

PS: (a list of your installed programs may help us)
yahoo messanger - slows down XP boot

excuse my bad English !

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This will help you

by soorya007 In reply to Slow PC plz HELP!.

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